Thoughts on Sharing Code

Code, in particular client side code, is somewhat of a commodity these days. Anyone can read it, anyone can copy it, so it’s not something we want to hide or obfuscate from the community when building the Performancing Partners ad network. Far from it in fact, we intend to freely share it and license it under an appropriate open source format.

You need a lot more than some fancy client side code to build an ad network for bloggers. You need community, and passion, and commitment. By sharing the code, we hope that those CSS/XHTML/JS geeks within the Performancing community will help us improve it, and will benefit from the work we’ve started in building their own applications.

Aswell as releasing the Partners client side code, and opening development of Performancing Firefox, we’d also like to make the Metrics code more accessible. Right now it’s clean, unobfuscated and you’re most welcome to use it, but it doesn’t have an appropriate license yet and you have to sift through the source to try and understand it. Hopefully we can get that out and available to you shortly also.

Coming Soon…

We’re not quite ready to solicit feedback from our BETA group on the ad format and code just yet, but give me a couple of days and we’ll make it available. In the mean time, I’d appreciate your thoughts on the following if the July 4th hangovers aren’t to gruesome…

  • Which license to use when making code available?
  • We dont intend to open up everything (particular DB related code) but what else would you like to see made available for Performancing members? What other projects would you like us to start and host for the benefit of the blogging community in general?

Do let me know what you think, thanks!

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