Themattinator – Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts


The Mattinator is a nifty little web service which gives Twitter users a way to manage multiple twitter accounts. Unlike using Twitter directly where you would normally have to log in to each account separately to post a message, this web service gives you the interface to choose which Twitter account the message will be posted from.

The design of the website is pretty interesting in and of itself. It looks like something out of a cartoon dealing with spaceships and aliens. However, they have at least made the aliens highlight specific areas of the site and some of them are even helpful. Just don’t tick that monster off with three heads and razor sharp teeth.

How To Use:

To use themattinator, you’ll first have to give the web service your Twitter username and password for each account. Once logged in with each account, you’ll see a text area where you’ll type in your Tweet and then below the text area is a list of Twitter accounts. After you type your tweet, select the username in which you want the Tweet to originate from and click on the GO GO GO graphic. This well send your Tweet to a queue which will later be processed and thus, will be published on Twitter.

One of the quirks I noticed after the message went through is that, TheMattinator reported the post as being published (6 days, 16 hours ago). In fact, after sending a few tweets through the mattinator service, each one of them was reported with the same time stamp. I’m pretty sure this is a bug and might be the result of the service being built in only four days time.


I like the idea behind themattinator and considering everything associated with the site was built within a four day time period, they did a wonderful job. However, the fact that you have to actually be on the website to use the feature is a downfall. Especially when you consider that Twhirl supports this feature out of the box. In Twhirl, you can dedicate an open window for each Twitter account. If you end up giving this web service a try, let me know how your experience went.

2 thoughts on “Themattinator – Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

  1. The fact that you have to actually WAIT a few minutes after submitting your tweet for it to be sent out is annoying. I’m just checking the Matt out and it’s already been 5 minutes since I submitted my tweet but it’s still queued 🙁

  2. Agree!

    If I were them, I would rather use Adobe Air to create a desk-top App rather than duplicate and over-engineer it.

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