The Weekly Buzz: Watering Holes, Share This, Which Stats Programs

The Hive, a Performancing project, was created to provide a community for those looking to increase the performance of their blog and network with the pros. The Hive still continues to grow, and there are many great things being discussed within.

Here is a small sampling of the buzz:

Watering Holes:

Many bloggers act like magnets, trying to draw as many people as possible to their blog with hopes that they will stick around. Instead of this approach, it was suggested that bloggers should figure out where their audience hangs out and to visit the watering holes which pertain to your niche. Help them help you.

Which Stats Programs:

There is a post within the hive where user’s have opted to share which analytical stat programs they are using. While most people seem to be using Google’s analytical stats, others are using powered stats, Feedburner, AWStats and of course, pMetrics.

pMetrics is an awesome statistical analysis tool which blasts away the competition and allows you to quickly get an idea as what is happening on your site. My favorite feature is aptly named SPY, which allows you to check out who, what and where a particular user is browsing your site. You can register for your own pMetrics account here.

Share This:

A blog post which was written by a HIVE forum member was recently copied word for word by another blogger. After contacting the ripper in question, it was determined that because the original blog had SHARE THIS displayed on their site, the ripper thought it was ok to copy the entire post and publish it on their own site. This is not how the SHARE THIS moniker works. This reminded me of the (press the any key) joke except this really happened and according to the responses, has happened to more than one person.

Join the Hive

For $10 a month, you can become a member with over a hundred others which have already joined. What you have seen thus far is just a small taste of the discussions that take place on the forum. With some of the blogosphere’s most successful answering questions and participating in the discussion, you’ll surely get your moneys worth in no time at all.

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  1. An apostrophe is used to denote parts of words that have been left out.

    Pro’s is short for professionals. However, “pro” is an officially recognized word, and, therefore, the plural version should be “pros”. “The pro’s ideas are great” could represent a possessive form.

    The New York Times uses “pros”. Personally, though, I think both are acceptable, as it could be said the use for “pro’s” is short for “professionals” and that should be correct, in my opinion.

    I simply write “pro’s” on Performancing for consistency, and that, above all else, is most important. As long as you are consistent, no one should argue.

    Sorry, I love learning about the English language.

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