The Return of YOUR Blog

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve reenabled the long missing “my blog” link on the right — Once again, members can blog here at Performancing, and this time, that service wont be stopped.

It was a mistake to stop it, as we had some great contributions coming in via the blogs, and iwth the enabling of Akismet, we shouldn’t have to worry too much about spam either.

Best blog posts to the homepage as usual, though I am still due to announce a call for Performancing Authors, who’ll have free reign to post directly to the homepage.

If you’re interested in that, catch me at [email protected], the new email address for tips, general contact and link suggestions.

3 thoughts on “The Return of YOUR Blog

  1. Glad this is back! Raj just mentioned it to me a couple days ago. This was one of my favorite things that brought the Performancing group together I kind of miss the point system too 😉

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