The Performancing Reboot, Redux!

This has been in the talks for some time now, and it’s now finally reaching fruition. We’re doing a blog reboot. On Performancing. Again!

Last year’s reboot resulted in a host of new good stuff being added on to the brand. But somehow there were still some things that needed to be addressed. Perhaps the concept of a blog reboot is best considered as a continuing activity rather than a one-time, big-time event. A blog should evolve. But sometimes it needs a catalyst to get things started, or at least going faster.

Similar to the previous reboot, we will try to make this one as public and transparent as possible. While ideas are still a bit vague and abstract at this point, there are a few general themes I would like to focus on in starting this reboot.

The reboot will focus on doing two things: (1) Getting rid of the bad, and (2) Adding good stuff.

I recently did a (semi) general cleaning at my home, and the first thing we did was throw out the clutter, the unnecessary things that weighed us down and took up valuable space. Forget sentimental value. Just do what needs to be done so we can move forward, and focus on what’s important.

Throwing out clutter leaves space for the important stuff. And in some cases it’s not even the important stuff you need space for. It’s just the space that’s important. Ever heard of the importance of white space?

The reboot will consolidate and build up the brand.

In many ways I feel that Performancing has been fragmented in terms of the different services that it offers. So the reboot will essentially take stock of what we have, and build a stronger brand by combining the efforts of those different people (and different services) to bring better value to the community.

Now I know these are still pretty vague. And that’s why, similar to the previous reboot, we’re counting on the community to contribute ideas. What I can tell you at this point is that a new design is being planned, and that most probably we will have to migrate to another platform. And I know these two things are major changes.

Please feel free to comment. In fact, we would really appreciate it if everyone pitched in with what you think could and should be done. Even the small things will count!

31 thoughts on “The Performancing Reboot, Redux!

  1. I actually wasn’t aware there were alternatives to wordpress readily available. I’ll have to experiment a bit with it on some of my smaller blogs.

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  3. I definitely agree that Performancing has been fragmented with all of the different services it offers, so a reboot to strengthen the overall brand would be beneficial.

  4. Good luck with the reboot, I know they can get a little messy sometimes.

    WordPress has a good user interface but I thought Drupal was good for very large systems and good at scalability issues.

    All the best.


  5. We’re looking forward to the reboot for the better. Migrating to a better cms format helps. And will optimize some features that are not available on the current cms format. Change for the new and the better.

  6. So when will this reboot happen and how long will it take? I’m also planning to migrate to wordpress on some my blogs (I’m using joomla) but I’m still doing research on how to do it.

  7. Good time to move to WordPress especially since version 2.7 has completely rebuilt the platform (for the most part) and is vastly improved from any previous version. Good decision I think. Just don’t forget a good caching plugin. 😀

    It’s also good to run separate forum software in order to keep one from slowing down the other. And unless your needs are absolutely minimal I would suspect that “phpBB” might fit the bill for forum software. I’ve never liked Automattic’s BBPress or the way it functioned. It’s still not a mature forum software.

    Good luck with the transition and if you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

  8. WordPress blogs provide a lot of functionality as long as your use the .org version and not the .com version. Plus they have a multitude of plugins in their directory. I notice you have a page for WordPress Themes …

  9. I’m curious why you would replace Drupal with 2 different pieces for blog and forum. What forum software do you plan on using? Will it share a user database with WordPress?

  10. This is great news. I hope you get to focus on the content, since that’s what I always look for when I visit here.

  11. Yeah…
    It is very good to go back in time sometimes! It is like refreshing, restarting and reorganizing things.
    Best regards!

  12. Thanks for the info.

    With all the info on this site about WordPress I had assumed that you were also using it. That’s why a hint of migrating away from it really caught my attention 😛

  13. Hi Khai.n,

    We will most likely migrate from the current Drupal to WordPress for the main blog, and to a forum software for the discussion areas. This would be easier to manage from our end.

  14. When you say “…most probably we will have to migrate to another platform” what do you mean?

    It would be helpful to hear more detail about your current ‘platform’ and the reason(s) why you’re migrating to a different one.

  15. Yeah. Its good to go back in time sometimes. Its like refreshing, restarting and reorganizing things. Goodluck!

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