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As many of you know, we’ve been quietly working away at our upcoming ad network for sometime now. It’s always been the plan to eventually launch an ad network that serves the blogosphere well and helps compensate our publishers for their hard work. We’re not there yet, but we are ready to talk a little about it.

Performancing Partners

As part of the plan, we’re contemplating expanding the content offerings of Performancing by working together with acomplished authors writing about design, coding and other webmaster related topics that would be of interest to our core audience. A Performancing blog network if you will.

With the combined expertise on monetization, Search and promotion of the Performancing team, those authors we work with will have to worry about little else other than reading, and writing great content we hope — it’s the value add that we bring to the table in order to forge a partnership with exceptional authors.

Who We’re Looking For…

We’d like to talk to people that blog about code and design subjects. Particularly those people that are already considered an authority in their field, and those with time to read a LOT of blogs on their subject, and post several times a day, every day.

Subjects such as:

  • Web design
  • CSS and HTML
  • AJAX, Javascript and DHTML
  • PHP, ASP Ruby, Rails
  • Other blog related topics such as traffic building and monetization

The Plan

The plan is simple, we want to expand by working with authors on subdomains of our main site (eg in order to offer various complimentary channels to the Performancing mix

Those channels will be monetized with a mixture of referals (a designer-blogger that takes client work for example), Performancing Partners CPM ads, affiliate programs where applicable and various other means depending on the content offered.

We have some great folks here that really know their stuff on building traffic and monetizing, so that should be the least of your concerns hopefully.

What You Get

For the right author, the sky is the limit. We can offer instant traffic, monetization and direction expertise and a healthy slice of the pie — details to be arranged per blogger, but the cut is not our main concern, our main concern is to put out quality content to the existing Performancing reader base, and to extend that base. Part of the monetization will also come from showcasing our CPM ads network: Performancing Partners

With a first class blog statistics program, and awesome blog editor and an audience already well on track to these kinds of topics there is i hope, much to say for joining forces with Performancing.


If you’d like to know more, please email me at [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “The Performancing Blog Network

  1. Nick – Really glad to see you adopt the subdomain format for the network.

  2. UPDATE: We’ve had some great responses in email to this, and it looks like will be the first thing we look at doing.

    We have a couple of great prospective authors and are looking for more.

    If you have a niche webmaster topic you’d like to talk to us about, do, but right now we thikn one step at a time, and that step is design..

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