Technorati Baseball Cards – Uber Linkbait

I caught Steve linking to Technorati’s new “baseball cards” feature this morning, and as im a nut for “keepng score” I just HAD to put in the Performancing Card. #26 eh? Pretty neat…

We don’t show up in the top 100 though,does that mean that i misread and we’re really #26,000 or is it because I’ve not ‘claimed’ this site? (it wont let me claim it either, weird…)

I’ve admired Technorati’s linkbaiting for a long time, ever since they bought out tags and started showing in all the engines for cool keywords — I mean, sheesh! How genius is that? Get half the entire blogosphere to link to you in every single post using exact anchor text. Marvellous.

Likewise with this new feature.

We have some similar things lurking in Performancing actually, but they’ve never been officially announced as we’re still tweaking them. Dont think most have spotted them…

powered by performancing firefox

6 thoughts on “Technorati Baseball Cards – Uber Linkbait

  1. How genius is that? Get half the entire blogosphere to link to you in every single post using exact anchor text.

    And the most genius part is that you actually don’t have to link to technorati in order to use the technorati tagging. It just happens that when you are not forced to link to, you do it by default 😉

  2. i think. with firefox maybe. i viewed source on the page, saw an error code as a comment and cut and pasted the URL in the error comment and it ‘found me’… that or it’s a drupal thing? i did email their support about it, but they never did give me an answer.

  3. The genius is that you guys got thousands of people (including myself) to link to you using either with the mini performancing banner or via the text “powered by performancing”. Well, you did us all a favour, and a link is the least we can do, eh?

  4. Perhaps because there is “the blog” then there are the member blogs, it might get confused

    Added: Yup, you can claim your own member blog it seems (eg. my blog is “”) but not the homepage – probably sees it as a multiblog

  5. It says the first step is to put in the url, which i did. It then tells me it’s an “unclaimable blog”….

  6. I have claimed my blog in the very first article. The claim was not accepted for a couple of weeks (months?). But now it silently creeped into my list of claimed blogs. So I would recommend to put the code in the template and wait for the acceptance.

    Of course I also made a favorite right after reading your/this article 🙂

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