TDAge Theme Launched

Performancing is pleased to announce the November Performancing WordPress Theme release: TDAge.

Another collaboration with Thord Daniel Hedengren, TDAge has many of the design elements common to Thord’s creations, and you may be familiar with the bold header and title texts, the clean-cut archives/summary page, and navigation header.

From the Performancing WordPress Themes announcement:

A free, public release version of design guru Thord Daniel Hedengren’s Swedish-language blog, TDAge is a light-blue themed design with big, bold feed and “about” images, and large-font headers. TDAge also has easy access links to a blog’s pages and categories from the headers, and has a clean-cut pre-defined template for use as an archive summary page.

TDAge is a pun for TDH, which stands for–you guessed it!–Thord Daniel Hedengren, who has developed various designs for Splashpress Media, including the Blog Herald, Jack of All Blogs, Blog Network Watch, Blogger Jobs, Bloggy Award, Audival, Wisdump, Devlounge, and many more. Thord has also collaborated with us on other Performancing WordPress Theme releases: One in a Million and Estranged.

You can see a live demo of TDAge at the Performancing WordPress Themes blog. You can directly download the theme here. As with our other releases, we offer official support to the theme on the Performancing Community Forum.

4 thoughts on “TDAge Theme Launched

  1. I’ll be releasing an update version in a while, as I’ve received some requests for edits. Will have to consult with Thord, though! As for a Drupal version, sorry but currently this is a WordPress-only theme. Any Drupal theme designers out there who are interested in doing a port?

  2. Nope, this is a WordPress only theme. I doubt if you’ll ever see us release themes for Drupal as it is a waste of time.

  3. i like this theme.but using drupal like your site.Do it available for drupal???

    u can also release themes for drupal too

  4. Just checked out the theme. Do you know if they have or in the future will present any data about increased RSS feed subscriptions due to the emphasis on the RSS add button in the theme?

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