Taking Over Performancing

It’s time for change, and I’m not talking about the 2008 Democratic ticket. It’s something closer to home–right here at Performancing.

I’m pleased to announce that I have been given the assignment of managing Performancing effective November 1st. Ryan Caldwell, whom we consider to be one of the strong foundations of the community, has decided to focus on pursuing other projects. While, arguably, Performancing could carry on by itself as a community, Splashpress Media (which owns Performancing and its various services) feels that Performancing would benefit more from a refocusing of efforts, talent and energies toward a more active community and a unified portal for this community.

I mentioned change earlier and so far, reader feedback has been optimistic. I do have several plans laid out, such as a possible redesign and restructuring of our sites and services. And perhaps we can bring back some features that were previously in place. Now, here’s your chance to be part of the planning process. What do you think should we do to better adhere to our motto of helping bloggers succeed? Should we build more plugins? Create more free themes? Venture into new blogging-related services? Create a book?

We’re open to ideas!


In my excitement, I forgot to mention a few important points and an introduction (Thanks Brett for pointing that out).

Firstly, Jeff Chandler, who has been producing excellent content here, is staying on as lead contributor. He will be very much involved in planning (and executing) the various things we intend to have here. In this regard, I don’t think readers will think of the new editorship to be too drastic a change, since Jeff has been manning the ship for quite a while. Jeff and I will share top-billing in terms of writing and other content.

As for an introduction, I know I’ve made only a few posts here on Performancing to date, but I’ve mostly been involved in back-end work (i.e., some marketing, selling of ad space, and some tweaks here and there) since Splashpress acquired Performancing. You can mostly read my posts and features over at the Blog Herald, where I serve as assistant editor.

I do have a resume online, but it’s a bit outdated. I run my personal blog at racoma.net and my archives are at racoma.com.ph.

6 thoughts on “Taking Over Performancing

  1. Just circling back to this conversation (which I lost track of somehow, didn’t register in discussion tracking)

    Best of luck to you and Performancing. I’m writing this comment a week or so after my last.

    As I’ve been following the Performancing blog lately, I have to admit that I’m a little lost as to the direction that things are going. As a blogger myself, I sometimes have to ‘jump into the water’ to fully get my bearings on a topic and then really figure out the direction.

    With that in mind, I’m wondering if maybe a future article could outline the new direction and intent (an update of the ground rules for members might be helpful too as these days I have no idea what I’m allowed to do and not allowed to do on Performancing). Completely lost in that regards. It used to be that guest contributions were encouraged (even paid for directly and I think with a revenue share at one time too). But those programs seem to have gone quietly away or something.

    Since Performancing is going through a change, it might not be a bad time to reboot the theme too. This one is getting a little long in the tooth. Love the site in general, but a touch up might not hurt and help people get acclimated to the new direction (once identified).

    PS I think it would be nice to have a linkbait like article on the 104 pros and cons of using parenthesis to a fault in a blog comment or article. Might even result in a series that could expand to asinine avatars and pathetic smileys. 😉

  2. @Chris, thanks for the well wishes.

    @Hendry, now fixed! Typing on small netbook laptops really causes a lot of typos, which are particularly annoying when it happens with URLs.

  3. Good luck Angelo and sorry to see Ryan step down but I know he has a lot of business to deal with so probably best he doesn’t burn himself out!

  4. Hi J Angelo,

    Please fix the link to your profile (resume).

    Over the years, I’ve been with Performancing, I’d really like to see it grow beyond what it is now. And also the quality of content degrades over the year, so yes definitely Performancing needs a change.

    Although I only contributed recently, I expect to write more articles in the future.

    Best to you and Performancing.

  5. Hi Brett,

    Sorry I think I forgot to add an intro. I’m editing the post to reflect a few points.



  6. Hey J Angelo,

    I’m always open to change, however, I apologize but I don’t know you. I only see 4 or 5 articles by you here at Performancing along with a very short bio. For those of us not familiar with you here at Performancing or elsewhere, could you give us a link to a bio or some of your other site(s)?

    I feel as if I don’t have a frame of reference to respond to your query. At a generic level though, I’d throw the question back at you and ask you to tell us where you are taking Performancing. I’ve always liked it myself, I can see some room for improvement, but don’t really know what you can bring to the table or how just yet.

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