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I was due to speak at SES Chicago this week, but due to some unexpected passport problems, a bunch of missed flights and other minor disasters missed my slot by about half an hour. All is not entirely lost though, i’d planned to give this PDF out after my talk, and although some of you may find parts of it very basic (the audience is quite different to the Performancing readers), I think many may get some value out of it. You can download Tagging for Links and Traffic in PDF, and you’re welcome to comment or ask questions in this post.

  • Tagging for Links and Traffic

SES ended up being a pretty valuable trip regardless of the bungled passport and speaking. I met a whole bunch of cool people and got a ton of work done on Performancing. I’ll catch you guys up on a little of that this week, for now though, im kinda knackered, and will likely be putting email and posting off untill tomorrow – it’s a long way from Chicago to Denmark heh…

Hope some of you get some value out of that PDF, do feel free to share, use under the general CC license the rest of the posts at Performaning come under and of course add to it in the comments here.