Story Theme

Performancing is pleased to release another great, free WordPress design called the Story Theme. It’s a three column design with the content on the far left, followed by two sidebars. The color scheme uses a subtle mix of tans, oranges and browns to provide great texture and depth for your blog. Rounded corners and a […]

College Theme

College Theme is the latest classic free WordPress theme by Performancing. The theme is a simple, straightforward two-column theme, with the sidebar situated to the left and the main content column at the right. College Theme is easy on the eyes, featuring soft shades and hues of blue. The rounded corners add to the visual […]

News Theme

The News Theme is one more classic Performancing WordPress theme. The theme intends to mimic the look and feel of a print magazine or newspaper, with paper-like upper and lower edges, which is quite suitable for blogs that want to put forth a newspaper-y type of image (aided by the display of the current date […]