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It’s been quite awhile since anything has been posted on the plugins area of and I think it’s time we change that. Sometimes, plugin developers need some ideas or inspiration to get them going and I’m hoping you’ll provide those ingredients at the end of this post.

Here are the plugins we currently have available for download.

BlogNetworking Plugin: This plugin automatically creates a blogroll in the sidebar which will show the latest headlines from across a blog network. An excellent way to promote content within your network.

pMetrics WordPress PluginThis plugin ties directly into your pMetrics account, allowing you to view your blog stats right from your WordPress dashboard. This plugin packs quite a few features.

Now, as for the status of those two plugins in terms of which versions of WordPress they are compatible with and their future, I’ll figure that out and let you know. But until then, please give us some of your ideas/requests for WordPress plugins you would like to see Performancing develop. Since a large majority of you are currently using WordPress, take this opportunity to tell us what you want and we’ll see if we can fill that need.

13 thoughts on “Suggest A WordPress Plugin

  1. A plugin that excludes the “select” function for the readers of your posts and pages. But now that I’m writing it down, maybe an anti-copying plugin will do it as well. It’s not for the website I submitted.

    Wish you much inspiration for still finding new surprising plugins.

  2. I actually need a plugin where users can select items listed in posts and add them to a shopping list. If somebody could send me a copy of the plugin to [email protected], that would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I know of a plugin where users can submit posts to you through your blog but I’m unsure if it would fit the needs to have with guest posts. I’ll look into the said plugin and confirm before I link to it

  4. I would love to see a wordpress plugin that allows for the easy submission of guest posts. Perhaps a widget that i can add to my sidebar, or standalone code i can add anywhere, like in my header.

    This wp plugin would facilitate the submittal of guest posts, but admins would still have the ability to approve or deny post via wp dashboard. Admins would be sent an email, notifying them of said post, submitted by readers/visitors.

    Just something that would make it SUPER DUPER EASY to submit guest posts. You could call said wp plugin, “Easy Guest Post”.

  5. I don’t know if this has already been done, or if its possible – since you can post through email if would be nice to be able to moderate comments through email. My cell phone can get email but doesn’t do so well with web access so it would be cool if there was a way to reply to a moderate comment email with like approve or disapprove. It would be even cooler if, as admin, you could add a comment too. Security issues with all that though but it would be nice to be able to keep a discussion going even if you are away from a computer.

  6. Hi,

    It would be great if you could just post to Twitter and Facebook and the like right from your blog, instead of having to go to or another of the social bundling sites to do it.

    I always let my friends know when I’ve made a new post, but if the blog could do it automatically or if it could have a page that allowed you to pick and choose services or whatever, that would totally rule.


  7. Choose one theme to show to the public but be able to develop another. I hate having to let the public see a work in progress when I’m making improvements. When I’m done with the development theme, flag that one for public display and turn off the original.

  8. I suggest you to create a plug in that will allow a contributor to WRITE ONLY, and not to view any other tabs, like manage or comments. I tried to find something like that and I just found dozens of people looking for the same solution. The role plugins available do not hide those two tabs… Probably to hide those tabs will not be hard to php experts, but for people with limited knowledge about that, it still difficult. Just an idea that maybe will not fit your post.

    Thanks anyway for this great blog!


  9. Just found your blog from google.
    I have a WP blog with numerous authors posting in it. I always have to check if they post original content or duplicate. I would love to see a plugin which would detect the originality of the content as soon as the author submits. I don’t know coding but just had this idea. The plugin would contain an online copyscape-like tool from which the article has to pass through before being published. Just an idea.


  10. One way you could do this is to view the source code for a particular website and take a look and see if the NoFollow attribute is attached to any of their links. If not, chances are good that they are a DoFollow website.

  11. Jeff,

    Maybe there is a way to do this already but I don’t know how if so.

    It would be good to be able to tell if a site that you are reading has the do follow attribute. Is this possible?


  12. Take the tags from a post, perform a query on a lifestreaming service like Swurl, and add related links to each post, so that in essence they can show history and the future of the topic you covered. It’s an idea I have been playing with for a while. Like a personal, automatic Zemanta.

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