Sponsor the June 2007 Performancing Theme

Each month Performancing releases a new WordPress theme to the public. Now, each month, we’re giving the highest bidder a unique chance to co-sponsor each theme; giving back to the Performancing community while building links. A win-win situation all around.

Sponsorship will be “blind” in that you’ll need to trust Performancing to release consistently solid themes. One thing you can count on is that our themes will be adopted by dozens or even hundreds of people.

Sponsoring a theme is a great way to give back to the Performancing community while simultaneously building a solid base of links back to your site.

Performancing reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship and will only take bids above $500.

So let’s get things started with an auction for the June 2007 WordPress theme release… Do I hear $500?

13 thoughts on “Sponsor the June 2007 Performancing Theme

  1. I just think people are scared after Mullenweg’s newest treath against sponsored themes. Not going into any details about the hypocrisy and license or things like that.

    Anyway, maybe we should just set up a new theme directory. 😉
    Hit me up, I just secured an interesting domain. With wp and themes and directory in the url 😉
    Yes saloshin, this is also directed at you 😛

  2. I’ve just blogged about the topic of sponsored themes, here at Performancing. Hope it helps you make your mind up! 😉

  3. Blogosquare, we’d be willing to consider releasing one of your themes for $100. The thing is, we need to see the theme before agreeing to payment (make sure its original, and distinctive).

  4. $500 isn’t a bad deal at all. 2 years ago I released a theme on Betaflow.com (I accidently left my AdSense code in it as well). That one theme release still brings in about 1K uniques per month (even though it’s no longer hosted) as well as a few hundred in revenue.

    Being paid for ads off of someone else’s domain feels dirty, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. 🙁

    It probably helps that the theme was included in Dreamhost’s one-click WordPress installer. WPAndreas03 if you haven’t heard of it.

  5. indeed my comment was self-promoting lol because I was considering the type of links, I mean not through your domain itself but through blogs using your themes. For eg wouldn’t a blog with high pagerank and high technorati rank be better for the advertiser, I mean in terms of traffic,etc

    that’s why I found the price over-rated, not about the amount directly but by the quality of sites using your themes.

    and that’s why I was offering, which what I think in my opinion would be a better deal.

    but nonetheless, perhaps we could do a link exchange. Would you be interested? Not in that bargain above of $500 dollar. Perhaps, something like I host your link in my theme and you host mine in yours. We try it for something around 1 month and we see the results.

    I would consider my offer rather being just for the fun of trying something and I can understand it if you turn down this offer.

  6. A previous question was deleted because the post was too self-promoting, but it did ask a worthwhile question: “why’s the starting bid for a sponsorship so high”

    Here are a few reasons:

    1. This is not a monthly fee. It’s a one time fee. Spread it out over 24 months (the life of your average theme) and you get $21/month

    2. Free, lifetime link from a highly trusted domain (themes.performancing.com). A link from that page on Performancing alone is worth $20/month

    3. If you’ve ever been fortunate to see the return value of a good theme sponsorship, you’ll realize that you can make $500 back in a single month if you play your cards right

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