Sponsor Performancing’s pMetrics

Performancing now allows you to support and sponsor pMetrics with either a site-wide text link ad or an image ad.

Get seen by thousands of pMetrics users as they check their stats on a daily basis. pMetrics users are blog users, seo hounds, and stat junkies. If you want to target these demographics, please consider a pMetrics sponsorship.

Sponsorships are only shown to non-paying members of pMetrics, but this makes up about 99% of our users, and includes the Google Bot;-) Sponsorships are available at discounts to paying pMetrics users.

Current pricing is set at a discount level to encourage early adoption. You can expect pricing to change as our user base continues to grow at an exponential rate (people seem to love pMetrics!)

Early Adoption Text Link Sponsorship Pricing:

  • $25/month text link for paying premium members
  • $29/month text link for other members
  • $49/month text link for third parties

Early Adoption Image Sponsorship Pricing:

  • $99/month image ad for paying premium members
  • $129/month image ad for other members
  • $199/month image ad for third parties

These are great prices for what you can expect to be a PR 6 link on an uber-trusted domain with thousands of daily, scratch that, hourly, eyeballs.

9 thoughts on “Sponsor Performancing’s pMetrics

  1. The next round is floating…some of these sponsorships are only for 1 month. You can buy 1 month at a time if you’d like. 6 month buys aren’t required. They are just the max that you can lock in at the current price.

  2. Four to go, then, folks. Get in there. For reasons I care not to explain, I’m going to have to wait until you accept the next round (6 months?).

  3. Thanks Ryan + Sean. Now, one more question. I’m past my biz budget this month. How long is the offer on for?

  4. More info on sponsors:

    You may not have seen them yet, depending on if you have a premium account and what not. Try logging out of pMetrics and viewing the front page, or anything other page (help, etc) besides your stats. You should see sponsored links at the bottom of all of these pages.

    Obviously, most people spend their time looking at their stats. That is the point of this service after all, right? So on the stats pages, the links are shown in a prime spot, in a sidebar, instead of at the bottom. I created a dummy non-premium public site for you to see what the sidebar looks like: click here to see

    The reason for showing them in different places is based on testing we did at getclicky.com. They used to be shown in a sidebar on ALL pages but we just felt like it cluttered up these other pages too much, and it really just didn’t feel right. Since most of our page views are on stats pages anyways, we thought this change helped to clean up the site considerably while still having good value for our sponsors.

    Premium members are treated slightly differentely.

    High end premium accounts (“pro”) see no sponsors at all, as they are paying a decent amount for the service (currenty 5.99/mo or 49.99/year).

    Low end premium users (“blogger”) still see sponsors on all pages, but the sponsors are shown at the bottom of the page, even on stat pages.

  5. They will appear in the footer for non-logged in visitors. For free visitors, they will also appear on the right sidebar.

    You should be able to sponsor multiple domains at the same time.

  6. But where exactly will they appear? Top, left, bottom, right? And on the pmetrics panel page of each member? Payable via paypal? Limit on number of sponsors? Choice of placement? If I sponsor with one domain for 6 months, am I allowed to get another sponsorship later for another domain?

  7. Great offer

    Just purchased two text links for BlogPostsForSale and SponsoredThemes

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