Splicd – A WebApp That Cuts Through The (Video) Fluff

Splicd is a cool new WebApp developed by a member of Performancing Hive that allows you to isolate the interesting parts from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Instead of making readers sit through the boring parts, bloggers can directly link to the section of a video they are talking about.

Here I’m highlighting the funniest clip from a funny cat montage.

Or consider how golden-shellback.com recently had a product reviewed on tekzilla. At first golden-shellback.com had an embed to the whole episode. Recently, they’ve gone in and edited the video to only show their review. Instead of timely video editing, they could have easily used splicd.

Features of Splicd

  1. Splice the end or beginning off of youtube videos
  2. Planned support for other services such as break, veoh, metacafe, and liveleak.
  3. Simple to use. Originally designed for low-tech users.

3 thoughts on “Splicd – A WebApp That Cuts Through The (Video) Fluff

  1. This is a great tool especially for videos that have multiple segments. Oftentimes you don’t want your readers to see the whole video. This beats telling your readers to go to 2:04 of the video to see the clip you want them to see.


  2. That’s pretty awesome… I could see myself using this for fairly long videos as well.

    I’d love to see “social bookmarks” or “tags” like they have in Viddler. I doubt that is possible though, but that is a YouTube thing.

    I’d love to see this for Vimeo (Vimeo is my favorite video service as of late).

  3. I know who created this service and I must say, they have demonstrated themselves to be quite the coder as of late. I just learned that Viddler has a feature very similar to this in that you can link a specific portion of the video and send that to someone. Will have to give Splicd and indepth review.

    The hive is starting to become an incubator of ideas and knowledge

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