Speaking on the Blogonomics Cruise

If you haven’t heard about the Blogonomics Blog Cruise yet, it’s high time you did. Apart from the fact that a whole bunch of great bloggers will be speaking and conducting workshops over the four day carribean cruise in October, you’ll get to have a beer with me aswell 🙂

Im very pleased to say that I will be joining Robert Scoble, Steve Hall, Tris Hussey, Darren, Duncan and Jeremy from B5, and a whole bunch of others in speaking at the event. We will also be conducting a 2hr workshop on a subject soon to be announced (it’s all a bit 007 at present, but check for my next post, i’ll explain a bit more…).

So, if you’re looking to have a few days fun cruisng the carribean, meet some great bloggers and generally running riot aboard ship, go sign up, I know it’s going to be GREAT!

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