Social Meta Voting (SMV) – Looking for 10 Good Testers

Sometime in August or September, Performancing will be implementing an SMV system for members. Right now, I have a very rough prototype up here:

I’m looking for about 10 individuals to help me test this system out over the summer. You’ll be able to submit up to three articles per day and you’ll be expected to vote on other stories.

One condition of participating is that you will not only submit articles, but also vote on the stories of others. Because of this, I’ll need for you to send me your Digg, Netscape and Reddit user profiles.

If you’re interested in working on this project with me, please send a PM via Performancing.

5 thoughts on “Social Meta Voting (SMV) – Looking for 10 Good Testers

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  2. Someone’s nudged a bit too hard Ryan – site’s down at the minute!

  3. when you take a visit to nudger, why not give the little donkey a click on the ass;-)

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