Social Media Pop – The Best of the Best

So the other day I had this idea. Why not build a tool that only shows the stories that went popular on at least two social voting sites?

I passed the idea by a few people. Mubashar Iqbal from Suffolk Software took that bait and quickly built the app.

While development is still in BETA, you should really take a look. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the results and think you end up with a really strong list of articles.

Here’s the site: SocialMediaPop.

What do you think of the results?

5 thoughts on “Social Media Pop – The Best of the Best

  1. Yeah I’m the one that fell for Ryan’s bait, but it’s been a fun little project to work on.

    Love the suggestions for making it even better, keep them coming.


  2. A sleeker way to get headlines. Search may be a good add-on, but my only thought on that is the point of this kind of aggregator is to streamline the overflow and a search feature just might suck you back into overflow.

    As part of popularity algorithm, perhaps include not only the pop items from 2 social site but also the popularity of the tags themselves. I’d be curious how tags as a variable in the mix would affect rankings and usability, and how it might streamline the flow.

    Nice to see the work. Thanks.

  3. Yeah, the two features I’d add are 1) a search feature and 2) some way of categorizing by tags. The second feature is more difficult and would require mapping disparate category and tagging systems onto one another.

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