So, Google are Launching an Affiliate Network?

Surprise surprise, Google CPA ads are on their way… My first question is are they text, image, or a mixture?

I can see from the quoted email that GOOG want you to pretend they’re part of your content, Ooops, i mean blend them.. see the great adsense hypocricy and part 2 so one would presume text, at least to start.

Ads that blend in with the site and are placed prominently tend to perform better. Look to integrate the ad within the page.

Is it a Valueclick killer?

Probably not, most things Google do these days are pretty half baked. But then they are more serious about their ads than anything else so I’ll conceed that it does at least have the potential to eat CJ’s lunch…

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3 thoughts on “So, Google are Launching an Affiliate Network?

  1. Can you add this new block in addition to the 3 old adsense blocks and the 1 search block. That’s a whole lot of google space on a page.

  2. Will be interesting to see how this works, if there are multiple ads presumably there will need to be some sort of ranking based on how much they are willing to pay vs conversion rate … I wonder if the first few advertisers were pooled from those using the adwords conversion tracking?

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