Smacking $100 per day in the AdSense Ass: 7 Things I’ve Learned

Raj’s article entitled Hitting $100/mth in AdSense: 7 Things I’ve Learned prompted me to write this article with the slightly more provocative title.

My first goal was to make $100/month. Then $10/day. Then $20/day. Then $50/day.

Then $100. That was the last goal I reached. Now I’m closing in on four figures in AdSense alone (well, not that close, but close enough;-) …

  1. Pick the Right Niche: I can’t overstate this. Traffic=Money. Your niche should be capable of driving a lot of traffic.
  2. Bait Like Hell: SERPS drive traffic and bait drives the SERPS.
  3. Be A Freak of Nature: Get up at 3am, start working and don’t stop until 10pm. If you don’t have enough to do, then either you’re not in the right niche, you’re lazy, or you need to educate yourself on how to…
  4. Build Your Footprint: Interact, interact, interact. With people and social media systems. Comment. Vote. You know the drill. Just don’t stop.
  5. Target Powerful Eyeballs: You know your niche and you know the important people in your niche. Make sure they know you. And don’t stop there. Make sure Fox News knows about you too.
  6. Link-Out Like A Loose Lemon: Just keep linking to other sites in your niche. They might or might not link back to you, but they can’t ignore you…12 months later…
  7. 12 Months Baby, 12 Months: Work like a horse for 12 months. If you make it, you can start to relax…cuz everyone’s coming to you now.

Bonus: Make a friend every day.

Those are the 7 things I’ve learned. Pick the right niche and put all your energy into it for 12 months. There are other important factors like outsourcing to free you up to do what you do best…but at the end of the day, it’s focused, freak of nature exertions of energy in the right direction that win the day….

…at least that’s how it’s worked for me.

25 thoughts on “Smacking $100 per day in the AdSense Ass: 7 Things I’ve Learned

  1. You are 100% right!!! I am so lazy!!! I rolled w/Ad-cents for 4 or more yrs. and made… That’s right!! Z to the O!!! Zeroooooo!!!! Oh, you were looking for some large hard figures!?!? not!!!

    I really have to master “marketing in photography” before I could see anything… To be honest, I think I made $ 2.39 per year since I signed up!

    However, now that I read this thread, I believe I could do all you mentioned and more…
    Oh, wait… About that 3:00 am in the morning thing, are you serious????

  2. i love google Adsense, it enables me to earn money on the websites and forums that i have put up several years ago. if you got tons of websites, you can earn a lot from Adsense alone

  3. Thanks for this post Ryan. I just broke $100/month two months ago and as long as I dont have any more server / domain issues, I’ll continue to go on to the $10/day, $20/day, …, $100/day mark just like you did two years ago. It hasn’t been easy thats for sure, but its truly about working on my blogs everyday and not giving up until I reach these adsense goals.

  4. still working extra hard to get to $10 a day.
    If ever I hit that target I am going to quit and try other things

  5. It’s frustrating thinking that if I do nothing, I earn more but, I’ve tested that it only lasts about 4 days then shrivels down to nothing and I need a boost on day 5 in the promotion area.

    @1-800-Hart: If you do the right amount of resource articles and trigger the right subjects right in time then you will see that the traffic/income comes back to the articles AND IS NOT related to your workload!

    The trick is to find the time and concentration to do those resource articles for the specific niche.

  6. The value of this bullet point cannot be stressed enough. But Ryan, you don’t tell us HOW to get them to notice you…

    I’ve been in the business of “electronic publicity” for 12 years, helping my clients (from major celebrities and mega-corporations to unknown authors and garage-based entrepreneurs) get on TV news… yes, even on FOX News.

    I’m willing to share the secrets with anyone who wants to learn. Perhaps you’d like me to write a few how-to’s? Lemme know. mediahitman (at) gmail (dot) com


  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s great to see people reaching their goals and then talking about what they did to reach them.

  8. Yeah to reach 100$ per day you need to do one thing.Is optimization.We have to optimize ourselves in every aspects.A lot of personal development stuff and some eye relaxing stuff.Self discipline is the key for this.I cant get my ass at one place for even 2 hours.The day i start keeping it for more than 5-7 hours i am reaching 100$ per month target.

  9. Right now .. I’m just happy if I exceed $3.33/day so I can break the $100 payout level ..

    Sometimes, when “life gets in the way” and I don’t have time to blog (or, I’m in a surfing mood instead of writing mood) .. my earnings will hit almost $10/day. It’s frustrating thinking that if I do nothing, I earn more but, I’ve tested that it only lasts about 4 days then shrivels down to nothing and I need a boost on day 5 in the promotion area.

    $100/day gross sounds nice Of course, from experience and sound advice everybody should remember – it’s not the ‘gross’ amount you make that matters – it’s the ‘net’ amount you keep.

  10. Good post Ryan. I’m liking how the whole “How I built Up To $” series is panning out. We never had a definitive goal at Unreality TV, but things started to move quickly when we focussed our efforts. Work like a freak indeed!

  11. The best two of your tips are ti continually link out to those whose content and writing pleases you … stop reading all that nonsense about badgering people for reciprocal links” and make friends. Even though it’s true one must work hard … do not lose sight of the fact we need fun and the presence of others in our life. learn people’s names, interact with them, and yourt benefits will flow in … even in the AdSense check.

  12. “can’t work a like freak on anything else”

    I mean can’t work “like a” freak…crap. I worked overnight that’s why. No, really. >_>

  13. Oh wow. Since I’m already ‘working like a freak’ as a writer and can’t work a like freak on anything else, I’m setting my goal for my own web sites’ revenue to $1/day. Haha~ pitiful…

  14. So True!

    Hard work for a year would take you places for sure! Good reminder, gotto pull the socks up!

  15. This is great, Ryan. It’s not only proof of potential but motivation to get there. My next goal is $10/day. I’m coming closer. (Yes, some of my blogs are partnerships, but that’s fine.)

  16. Ahmed don’t forget that there is “lazy man’s work” and “working man’s work” … you know the kind I prefer;-)

  17. Also, you (not you Ryan, everyone else) might want to consider setting your goals as $100 / day in revenue instead of $100 / day in AdSense. Makes things slightly easier.

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