Skribit Is Redesigned – More Features Added

Skribit, the service which enables visitors to your blog to send you ideas on what to write about (I reviewed the service back in July of 2008) has received a face lift. Not only has there been a redesign of the site, but a slew of new features added as well.

The basic idea behind the service is to place the Skribit Widget onto your blog with a list of future post ideas. Each idea has a vote button next to it allowing your audience to decide what it is they would like to see you write about. Suggestions that are not on the widget can be added if you’re a member of the service.

Since July, I noticed things were going rather slowly over at but thanks to some funding from the Georgia Tech Edison Fund, Paul Stamatiou who is the founder of the service has become a full time employee in January and since then, progress on the site as really ramped up. By the way, Paul just happens to be a member of the Performancing Hive forums.

Other than the new design, the site has recently launched Skribit Pro Accounts. There are two different plans. Pro accounts which costs $5.00 per month or Enterprise accounts which you need to contact Skribit to figure out pricing. The pro account enables you to use the service on an unlimited amount of blogs as opposed to one, Suggestion Moderation, and Full Widget Customization. These are all features that I wish the service had back when I wrote my review but I’m glad to see them implemented, even if you have to pay for them.

Last but not least, a new feature rolled out last month called the Suggestions Tab has been designed to be more engaging while at the same time, take up less website space. The suggestions tab loads in a lightbox style window when clicked and allows users to submit suggestions and view other popular suggestions for your site.


As I mentioned in my previous review, if you’re having issues with writers block, this service may definitely help. The only issue is, getting your audience involved in the suggestion making process. Also, if you’re audience actively sends you topic suggestions, you’ll know that if you publish an article related to that topic that at least someone will be interested in reading it. It may not serve as a barometer for what the majority of your audience wants to read but it should certainly help. With the redesign and the added features which I requested back in July being added to the service, I’m really considering adding the suggestions widget to my WPTavern blog.

What do you think of the new Skribit redesign? Are you using it on your site?

3 thoughts on “Skribit Is Redesigned – More Features Added

  1. This is a widget that would be great for sites that already have a strong readership. Only the best blogs would get a real benefit from using this.

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  2. Jeff,

    What a coincident, I just installed Skribit on my website yesterday. I set up the sidebar Skribit so that it asks, “What topics would you like us to write about?” so people can click on it and make suggestions. And I set up the “Suggestions?” tab on the right side of the screen. Nobody has used it yet because it’s new. Go ahead and use it to suggest a topic, if you want, and I’ll report back here about it.

    Anyway, I like it and think it’s going to be pretty useful.

    Scott Quitter

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