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If there’s one tip that I would give to any blogger, it is keep in touch with news and events within your niche and make sure you write about it – don’t copy news, write from your own perspective giving your own views and opinions.

In the past 7 days I have received over 2,900 extra unique visitors from Google and 854 from StumbleUpon [at the time of writing] because I blogged about a news story which is going to have an impact on millions of travellers.

Now, I want every Performancing community member to write 1 blog tip in the comments, so that we can all learn from each other

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  1. “Find something to say that hasn’t been said before.”

    I would amend this to say: “Find something to say that hasn’t been said often enough.”

  2. Be creative. Use your imagination. Find something to say that hasn’t been said before.

    Onward and Upward
    –C.S. Lewis

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  3. Make yourselves visible… see others before they find you.. predict what is going to be the search word for the day.. and most important, write quality Contents.!

    and more tips are in the blog about increasing traffic

  4. Great tips everyone. And thanks, Darren, for writing this post.

    My tip is simple: give yourself time to succeed.

    As long as your stats are trending up, you’ll do well. Just be patient and continue delivering valuable content.

  5. I think that’s actually a very important point.

    I comment on nearly every single comment left, even as you mention it’s to say ‘thanks for dropping by’

    I think people will come back if they know that the blog is active and that the author wants to participate in discussions.

    Think of it a little like a community.

  6. Don’t just think ‘that’s interesting’ if you stumble across things but write it down and convert from consuming information to publishing thoughts.

    Create your own article structures to convert such notes into your own article stream.

  7. Rejection is something writers deal with all the time. Let them. If you’re blogging, then you’re the one deciding what goes on your page (usually). There’s no one around to tell you “That’s a stupid idea!” so go right ahead. The rest of us will then sit around and scratch our heads wondering why we didn’t think of that first.

  8. One of quickest & most effective ways to get noticed among the crowd in any blogging community is to participate with on topic, insightful comments. “Nice post” won’t cut it if you want respect and attention from your peers.

  9. Adore your topic. Or learn to. Stat-wise it seems to make a difference. I have many blogs but they usually follow an average pattern. The blog I like best = best stats; all the way down to the blog I like least which ranks at the bottom. Coincidence? Maybe, but it make sense that you put more work into something you love. When I realize I can’t adore a blog topic I let it go because it’s not benefiting me or my readers.

  10. Pinging a little off Arachne’s comment, is the idea of abundance. You have more than enough on your site, so be abundant and share a little bit. Just like this post is sharing with all of us, you can do the same thing on your blog, by responding to comments, pulling quotes and links out of the comments section, and by thanking your most frequent commenters and link backers.

  11. Lani…great tip. It’s easy to get paralyzed by information overload. I have to take one tip at a time, try it out, see if it works, and if I like it, keep using it until it becomes habit. Then move onto the next tip.

  12. Write to your audience. That means writing at their level. Don’t overstate or over-research, or overexplain your subject matter (links to let other people do that works fine). A sense of humor ever hurt anyone, either.

  13. Treat your blog seriously and with respect, and your readers will too.
    If you treat your blog or yourself poorly, your readers will pick up on it and won’t take you seriously.

  14. Invest a little money in your blog, be it with:

    a custom theme or header
    tech experts
    seo campaign

    Don’t be afraid (or too conservative) to put a little money into your blog or blogs, as over time and if done right, your blogs will make you money. It is not necessary, but absolutely speeds things up.

    Bonus tip: Treat your blog like a precious jewel. Love it, protect it, and cherish it.

  15. Post as many articles in one sitting as you can. Right now I shoot for trying to write out a whole week in advance. Sometimes this isn’t always possible but I do my best.

  16. Even if you are the worlds expert on your nitch there will be over lapping stories you may not know enough to write about. Keep in mind a list of people you can consult and maybe even ask to write on those subjects. For example, I’m about to publish an article on a news report that many ER’s aren’t prepared to handle pediatric emergencies. I know parenting issues but do not have a medical background. Instead of writing it myself I now have an ER Dr (my mom) writing an entire series of articles on getting the best care for your child in an ER. For these experts think beyond other bloggers. Look to friends, family, community. It’s amazing how many people would love to write something on their favorite subject. I currently have 3 people lined up to write articles on overlaying areas of interest and two of them volunteered with out ever being asked.

  17. Use links, liberally but carefully, in your posts as citations, references, signposts. They will help your readers, and they will connect your posts to the rest of the blogosphere.

  18. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the tips out there! Learn as much as you can but beware of over thinking. It will get in the way of you doing.

    Blogging Personal

  19. Make friends with those who share your same passion; put them on your blogroll, and visit and comment on their sites. Connections are what make the blogosphere go ’round.

    Arachne Jericho
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