Server Move Complete, Minor Issues Being Addressed

Over the weekend some of you will have been aware that we moved the main website over to the new servers, the ones that house Performancing Metrics which is due to beta tomorrow. This went “mostly ok”, but there are some minor issues to clean up today.

  • Login/Cache issues: If you are having difficulty logging in right now, please delete your cache, and all cookies. This will be dealt with, but for right now, that’s the fix.
  • RSS feeds shortened: Some of my hacks were’nt put on the new system, so RSS feeds are at the Drupal default of being partial, sorry about that, it sucks, but is being fixed.
  • Minor cosmetic issues: For example the buttons on the forums. Again these are being dealt with today.

If you’re having any other problems, or spot anything screwey, please let us know in this thread, and we’ll get it sorted ASAP

ADDED: If you do the above, and are still having login problems, email [email protected] and we’ll get it fixed for you.


2 thoughts on “Server Move Complete, Minor Issues Being Addressed

  1. Hi Nick,

    Good job guys!

    I keep getting this error message when I try to publish to my blogs.

    “There was a possible error contacting the ATOM server [Error 3] Object Object”

    I noticed this during the server move but its still persisting. I uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared by cache, history and cookies and even published to a new blog to no avail.


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