Self Sustaining Blogs

Wouldn’t it be nice if your blog ran itself? No, I’m not talking about “splogs”, I’m talking about letting your members run the show, and just sitting back and watching the ad money roll/trickle in. I have one blog like this, and wanted to throw the idea out there this morning to see what you guys think, and if we can improve upon the model.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written on blogs for more than a few days you’ll guess that this particular blog is running on Drupal. The concept is very simple, it’s actually a forum, but presented in blog format/style.

My wife and I set this up a year or two ago, and now it just keeps on chugging out content, with all of those lovely long-tail keyword rich title’s that true user generated content provides, and although it doesn’t make bank with Adsense, it does well enough for me to count it a success, and is only gettign better over time.


This is how it works, from start to finish.

  • Create at least 200 pages of content – we wrote FAQ’s on a variety of related topics
  • Do a small amount of link hunting, nothing much, just a few sensible directory listings and send out a bunch of emails to sites in your niche that might link to you.
  • Enable one forum. Call it the “Q & A” and promote it on every page — you’ll find those few readers that use it will quickly define what seperate forums you should enable further down the road.
  • Promote the best questions to the homepage, just like a regular blog
  • Watch the adsense trickle in, don’t expect miracles, but DO enjoy a passive income stream 🙂

It does take some maintaining of course. You certainly need to keep spam free, and talk to your most active members. But all in all, if you’re happy to be in it for the long haul, it’s a nice little income stream that requires virtually no work after that initial content writing.


4 thoughts on “Self Sustaining Blogs

  1. There is a forum plugin for wordpress

    Totaly free will udoubtably be totally shit

    Integrate with drupal = enable forum module see here

    No idea about other platforms

  2. Drupal has a forum module but it doesn’t need to be a forum as such. With Drupal you can also give every member their own blog, just like here at Performancing.

  3. After thinking about the idea for quite a while I finally got to the point where I could give it a try
    Actually I just realized the niche where I could really generate 200+ posts in a reasonable amount of time.

    Guys if you did this kind of “Q&A based self sustaining blogs”, what platform did you use?
    Is there a free WordPress plugin?
    Is there a way to integrate some general forum system (hosted for free) with Blogger = totally free hosting?
    Is there a simple way to tweak Drupal into this mode? “Recent posts” are not exactly a forum
    What about other platforms?

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