Screencast: ScribeFire FireFox Extension Reviewed

Long time readers of Performancing will certainly remember a FireFox extension which went by the same name as the site. The extension underwent a name change in 2007. Instead of being called Performancing, it is now called ScribeFire and serves as an external blog management tool. This is the editor I’ve been using for quite some time now to create posts, as well as manage my own blog when I’m on the road.

This video is my second screencast and goes over the abundant amount of features and possibilities this extension provides. I’ve changed a few exporting features in Camtasia and I’m hoping those changes have reflected in better video quality. Enjoy.

NOTE: You may see things better if you view it in full screen mode. Looks like I still have to figure out the magic formula.

4 thoughts on “Screencast: ScribeFire FireFox Extension Reviewed

  1. @Chris I’d have to agree. It’s been a real time saver for me and instead of opening an external editor to publish my thoughts in response to someones post, I can do so right from the browser so I can write those thoughts down before they disappear.

    @Ryan Oh yeah, they seem to be doing quite well. Noticed last night that Darren Rowse wrote a guest post for the ScribeFire blog which I would take as a sign as they are doing quite well.

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