6 thoughts on “Does the quality of writing directly correlate to a bloggers success?

  1. I’d say that you can’t isolate quality of writing as the single factor of importance. For example, I value “gut” instinct over writing ability. I like writers who are quick and get stories early. I like writers who know what their readers care about, and care about their readers.

    I’ve had awesome writers who were totally out of touch with their audience.

  2. I voted yes. However, I think the quality of marketing is more important than the quality of your content. However, if you can’t write in a way that your target audience understands, all the amount of marketing won’t help you. People will come to your site and never come back.

  3. What must first be defined is the measure of success. Lets face it, we have all seen the bumbling idiots who have followings that you can only look on in envy. There was no quality involved. If the measure of success is to have a large following like that, then they got it and the answer to quality content is no.

    It appears to me that the `overall’ successful blogger will be the one who has a balance between what I consider the three pillars of blogging success: content + promotion + monetization = success. There are plenty of failed blogs who had tremendous quality content but failed to promote it. The best of the best we see out there didn’t rise to the top just by content. They got there with the promotion as well… and unfortunately, some people seem to think there is something wrong with that.

    Just say your piece within the best of your abilities, do your promo, and have your site set to monetize on some fashion that works. Before you know it, you have a living self sustaining all grown up blog.

  4. I agree Stropp. I think the quality and thus, readability of the content is directly affected by the type of audience you are catering too. For instance, if you are going to be an editor or publisher in a magazine, you better know sentence structure and have a good dose of the English language. However, if you are a blogger who talks about a subject such as blogging, I think good quality writing is a given, especially when you consider that when you hit the publish button, your work is out on the web, for all to see. Wouldn’t you want them to see your best?

  5. I think it does. Quality isn’t about using big words or setting the content at college level. Quality is about readibility. The easier you can make your content read, and that includes good spelling and grammar, the more people will stick with it. And it also depends on your market. A game blog like mine will do better at conversational high school level, but a blog discussing the latest Quantum Physics theories will need to be at least at college level, possibly even at PhD level.

  6. I’m wondering if the quality of writing correlates with a bloggers success. Maybe you don’t need to write material that is considered college level reading to be a success. Perhaps you can get by with getting your point across without glaring grammatical or punctuation errors. This is just one of those questions that I wanted to through out their to see what everyone else thought.

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