Scour- New Search engine in town

Recently I came across search engine called scour, which claims that users will get paid to search on their search engine. I was bit of confused about this idea of getting paid to search so i decided to give it shot.

What’s new in scour?
Scour combines search results of google, yahoo, msn and display it when you do the search query. It asks you to comment on the search result. It asks you to vote as “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” for the search results you get. This way they improve their search quality & users get better results for the popular keywords.

How it works?
You’ll get point for every search query you do in the search box, and the points are reflected in the top-right navbar.You’ll get points when you vote either positive or negative against the search result. You can maximum vote 4 times on given search queries to get your points counted. If you voted more than 4 times to help the scour search engine then that system will not count your points. Also whenever you write comment for the search query you’ll be rewarded with the point.

How scour makes money?
Your voting & commenting on search results work like Digg for scour. This filtered search result is valuable for any search engine as it saves their time to index the whole internet. Such data can be used to improve existing algorithm as well as for commercial use it is good as well. Any searh engine company will make lot of money with such a data. Because, they get better filtered search results, this filtered results are much more valueable as they can sell this resultset at much higher costs than they pay to their users for using their service. Search engine like cuil, google or any other search engine will definitely be interested in scours data.

How good it is for the users to earn money?
If you refer others you’ll get 250 points or so, by referring your friends you can earn 25$ when you reach 6500 points. The level of 6500 points looks impossible for the casual surfers, but when it comes savvy users it is the level that they can achieve in short period. So this is definitely not suitable if you search for the 20-30 terms a day.Even though you vote or comment with your 20-30 queries ,reaching to the 6500 points looks hard in month or it again depends on your free time. One point to watch out for is it uses javascript & ajax effects with search results so it also slows your browser down.Which makes it harder to get more points while your working or surfing multiple sites as browser will hogg for more memory with scour on.

Where’s the referral link?
I could have given the referral link and can earn worthy points but No, sorry i don’t want to direct others to such a service. You can check it out for yourself at for more information.

Do let me know what you think about scour?

6 thoughts on “Scour- New Search engine in town

  1. My original cashout request was sent to Scour back in middle to late August. I still have not gotten paid yet. They sent out an update email early September saying process of payment verification takes 2-4 weeks. Based on that email in early September, my 4 weeks is coming up shortly and no response yet. Total time has been around 5-6 weeks since my original cash out request. My searches are all valid and I’m listed as #2 right now on top results.

    I will keep you updated and hopefully will get paid or at least an email back on status of my cash out as I know they are busy.

  2. Again this encourages trade secrets !
    No sharing of information, for fear of losing ?

    If some thing given, some other thing would be returned definitely !

    Give, you will also be given !

  3. You would think these pay schemes would have died out 8 years ago, but somehow clever people are able to convince investors that this is going to work. Not going to happen. The rewards are never clear or useful enough to pull in the power users and the casual users gets frustrated with no $$$ results.

  4. @Ultimate Blogging Experiment:

    There is lot of hype, and i have seen many Facebook users sending invities to each other to earn points.

    Let’s see what happens to this search service in future.

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