Review pMetrics on your blog and get 12 months free

The first 100 bloggers to provide an honest review of pMetrics on their blogs will receive pMetrics premium free for 12 months.


  1. At least 250 words (if a video review, then this condition does not apply).
  2. At least one link (though we’d love more).


Post a comment on this thread with a link to your review of pMetrics (link must stay up for at least 12 months). We will then credit your Performancing username with 12 months of pMetrics premium for free. The first 100 members to post a review, as ordered by the comments in this thread, will receive the free offer. If your review is received within 6 hours of the 100th review, we will still honor the offer.

44 thoughts on “Review pMetrics on your blog and get 12 months free

  1. Hi,

    I posted over a month ago about the review I had posted on pMetrics and also sent you all an email to follow up on it. Haven’t heard anything from you. Just wanted to let you know the link in the above post has been changed.

    Review link is now: Highway Hags Performancing Review

    So is this offer still available?


    Highway Hags
    Our World. Seen through a bug splattered windshield.

  2. Not sure how much it will help spread the news on your wonderful stats since we are just starting out, but I’m happy to review them. I was shocked at how easy they were to get working after some of the plug-in type stats I had tried.


    ***Edited to include correct link***

    Thanks so much.


    Highway Hags
    Our World. Seen through a bug splattered windshield.

  3. I know in this period the stuff it’s very busy, but i’m still waiting for my upgrade 🙁

  4. How will I know once I’ve received my 12 months free? Will you send me an email or what?

  5. Here’s my 294-word review on my blog.

    Thanks so much for making this offer! I was seriously considering reviewing something for my next post, but I couldn’t figure out what to review.

    P.S. Yes, I know. I need to finish the site design for my blog.

  6. Yeah, with three days of use for my blogspot blog, I find I have real visitors to my blog and they visit more pages than. It was clear the day I put an RSS subscribe tool from Feedburner.

    Now i put my opinion on this tool at Ramblifications.

  7. Greate service, reviewed on my Drupal blog here (in italian, i hope it’s accepted).

  8. Thanks for making this service available, and offering us a chance to try out your premium service. I look forward to trying it out over the next couple of months at which point I will hopefully be able to post a more informed review.
    My initial one is now posted, hope it is acceptable.

  9. If you want to add a Performancing metrics widget to WordPress sidebar you can use this plugin. True, you can just paste the pmetrics code into a text widget but when you are using WordPress MU that will not work. WordPress MU will not allow to paste Jave Script code into posts.

    Get it here.

  10. I’ve just login to my account on pMetrics to get a first tour of it and the first thing that I notice is that there is already another site there. a stuff being monitored. I tried removing it(note I”m a first time user lol) but can’t. How did that got there when it’s the first time I login to my account? I’ve never added any previous sites to my pMetrics account(which is too fresh lol) and that’s weird, too weird.

    Is that some kind of flaw or something like that?

  11. Charlie, it’s reviews like that that make my day. Glad you are enjoying the service.

  12. Just signed in today to Performancing after almost a year now I think (I lurk) to say I’ve posted up a review of pMetrics. The service is great, thanks for all the hard work!

    Statistics Trackers: pMetrics Review – random process


  13. Great reviews everyone Just so you know, your accounts won’t be credited for another week or two, but, it will definitely happen before your trials expire! I have to program something in to handle this, so don’t panic.

  14. Brett, you don’t see any upgrade messages or links until you are about half way through your trial. This is to give users a chance to try out and fall in love with the application before we ask them to upgrade. The links will show up on your user homepage as well as at the top of your stats pages. Trust me, you won’t be able to miss them!

    Re: registration. It looks like this is a rather obnoxious “bug” with drupal (the CMS that uses). If you are already logged in to your account and then try to access the registration page, instead of a nice friendly message like “You are already registered”, or simply redirecting you to a different page, it simply fails. Real friendly!!! Unfortunately, beyond my control as well.

  15. Yes, yes, yes.

    For those of you who have written a review before this announcement…we’ll certainly honor the offer for you as well!

  16. Brett, the link shows up after your trial has expired. 😉

    Bummer, having tested in the early days (think I am user ID 8), I have to create a new account here just to review and finally see all the goodness. That will become a job for this evening.

  17. I tried to register, but received an Access Denied error when I attempted to click both of the Register Here links at the page

    I then tried to get smart (tough thing after being awake for 24 hours. So I tried to just login with my Performancing User ID and password.

    That worked just fine. Not sure why it wouldn’t allow me to register though, maybe blocking the IP as I’m logged into regular performancing.

    So now I have it up and running on, you can find the article at

    I will put it to our users and see also if they are interested in running a campaign on PMetrics for our service. It definitely fits with our goals of improving our sites, the performance of our sites, articles and more. Plus, with your referral program it fits in somewhat with our business plan.

    Plus from a personal perspective, I just like Performancing. 😉

    BTW in my account where is it that I would go to turn this into a paid option if I wanted to do that? I can see its a trial but can’t see an account section or a payment option when I’m logged in. I used to be an Accounts Receivable manager years ago and I learned that you have to make it very easy for people to pay you where ever they are!

  18. Thanks very much Sean for the info, I am going to go ahead and transfer it over now. It really is a great service.

  19. Merlik there isn’t an easy way for me to do that (xfer data from Clicky to Metrics). However, since you only have a few weeks of history anyways, I don’t think it should be a big deal for you to start with a clean slate in exchange for a full year of free premium service? Just be sure not to run Clicky and Metrics at the same time – that won’t work.

  20. I have been signed up with Clicky for about 2 weeks now and I just wrote a review for it, but after I saw this post I added information about pMetrics and why I recommend pMetrics over Clicky because of the community. I was wondering if I could shift all the data that I have collected with Clicky over to pMetrics and possibly still qualify for the free year of premium. Here is a link to the review on my blog:

    AberrantAbsurdity – Web Analytics

  21. Here’s one – I had actually started before I saw this post… but this post inspired me to finish. 🙂

  22. What if i wrote about PMetrics before? could i qualify for this offer? or would i have to write a second post?


  23. What if i wrote about PMetrics before? could i qualify for this offer? or would i have to write a second post?


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