ReBlogging: The new pest

Have your articles been reblogged?
Are you aware of the copyright rules here on
You know that using ads on a site makes that site ‘commercial’?

Stop automatic reblogging of your articles!

Or better: Go ahead and tell Google to stop indexing those sites.

The case

Today I was alerted that my name is showing up on some website. I checked the page and could see that my feed is reblogged. Some others, like Darren Rowse are also hit.

  • The site: article words .com
  • The issue narrowed in : Google Blog Search (GBS) BlogBridge to monitor my name and links to my sites. Those search feeds show up in a guide called ‘MM Blogs’ and give me an immediate feedback. BlogBridge offers so called ‘smart searches’ which make it very easy to get those results. In other feed readers you will have to set up those searches by copying & pasting the appropriate RSS sources.

    It is no big deal to set up such an automatic monitoring to search for good or bad usage of your content!

    My reaction

    I simply sent the above GBS address and search term to make them aware of the website. A stronger weapon would be to file an AdSense DMCA Complaint.

    This is a reminder to follow your traces, may they be good or bad…

6 thoughts on “ReBlogging: The new pest

  1. And another one republishing the feed on blogspot: autosgoogle. big-questions-that-pr-people-are-losing.html

    Obviously a creative usage of the post by email feature.

    Filed Google spam report, flagged the blog and mailed abuse report to the rss2mail service provider.

  2. Check out www. downland. ir /2007/12/17/splicing-images-in-your-readers-head/.
    And they have a nice category 🙂 /category/performancingcom/

    You have a commercial website. This republishing is not covered by the CC license!!!

    Please remove all content from

    Just commented there (waiting for moderation .

    Update: No reaction. Filed Google spam report and mailed abuse report to the ISP in Iran.

  3. This article was published on Nov. 15th.
    The latest reblogged article from me on article words .com is dated Nov. 14th.

  4. Sorry, but the link towards the Google Blog Search for my name is dead. Just use the working ‘Darren Rowse’ link…

    Remember: If you have a Google account log in! Every authenticated spam report from a webmaster will be looked after. Anonymous spam reports are prioritized and the chance off hitting the splogs effectively decreases.

  5. I’ve been getting this for the past few weeks. They link back to me, which is how I find out about them. One of them just today attributed the post to Anne Goldsmith, whoever she is. It’s nice to have something to do to get back at them.

  6. We are offering a tool for simplifying the reporting process. Our SpamReport software is a Firefox extension that allows the user to notify a suspicious site to Google in only 2 clicks. When you enter a faulty page as a result of a google search, click on the SpamReport toolbar button. A form appears, with most fields already filled for you, taking care of hidden redirections. You can eventually provide additional information then click Submit and you are done !

    More here:

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