Reasons Why I’m Liking Netscape Over Digg

Digg is getting on my nerves. I submitted an article from my wedding blog at digg and it got banned. They said I was spamming them. It was only my second submission from that blog. I didn’t know two submissions could be spam.

However, Netscape has been growing on me. Ryan pointed me to Netscape on his college startup blog. Here’s a couple reasons why I like Netscape over Digg.

1) Netscape has more categories for submissions. This is great for webmasters that have non-tech blogs. Digg has non-tech categories but not as many as Netscape. For example, the best place for me to submit a wedding post in Digg is the offbeat news category. However, at Netscape, I can submit to shopping, women, or even travel (destination weddings).

2) Netscape is friendlier. More people have added me as a friend at Netscape than Digg even though I’ve been more active at Digg.

3) I get more votes from Netscape. I think this is similar to reason 2. Netscape users seem more likely to vote for other submissions even without a reciprocal vote. It seems that Diggers won’t vote for you unless you vote for them.

4) I submitted and voted on more things at Digg yet my Digg profile page is only a Page Rank 2. My Netscape profile page is a Page Rank 4.

I think what it boils down to is Netscape has a much more varied user base whereas Digg is mostly 22-35 year old males. It could be that Digg users don’t want to talk about anything except sex, Apple computers, George Bush’s mistakes, and the latest funny picture. :-O

So, if you haven’t had much success at Digg, check out Netscape.

6 thoughts on “Reasons Why I’m Liking Netscape Over Digg

  1. I just signed up for Netscape last Friday and noticed the same thing. Diggsters really get on my nerves. I made a couple of innocuous comments on some of the digged articles and yet people seem to FLY to dig me down. I’ve noticed a lot of other Digg users experience this too. Reminds me of high school, the way these morons people use Digg’s ratings system.

    The only thing I’m not crazy about with Netscape is the apparent inability to filter submitted stories. I kept having to weave through porn spam just for some tips on how I could improve my social life. :-O

  2. Yeah, I pretty much stopped using Digg. It used to have great stuff. Now it has the same kind of stories on the front page. It got boring after a while. If I want something off the wall, I can go to Fark. As relaxedguy said, techmeme is much better.

    Ryan, thanks for bringing up the netscape tags. I just realized that when I went to one of my niches tags. It was a PR6! I couldn’t believe it. Also, I had the top 5 submissions

  3. Well there’s your problem right there. Digg !friendly to wedding blogs. Seriously, who uses, or used Digg in the first place? Besides a few hundred thousand people? Wait, I mean 30 people. I can’t believe people are still talking about it. It started a revolution and now it’s irrelevant for all but those in the 415 area code. The rest of us use it like we use Techmeme or whatever aggregator that happens into our newsreaders.

  4. Digg’s average user is well below 22. I can’t stand that site. First off, barely any of the stories are “news”. It’s mainly just “cool” and/or “funny” stuff… that’s fine and dandy but the site is supposed to be news oriented and it’s not at all.

    I think a perfect example of why digg is probably the most annoying site on the internet is when the whole HD-DVD key thing happened a few weeks back and the entire front page was nothing but articles with this key. Gee, that sure was funny!

  5. You forgot the critical “Netscape has tags” reason. If you find the right Netscape tag, you can be looking at a free PR5 or 6 link.

  6. It sometimes feels like Digg users are 15 yrs old Once in a while, it’s like “Lord of the Flies” in there. But there are really nice people there too. Though that ratio seems larger at Netscape, as you said.

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