Reader Question: My Technique For Generating Comments

The following question was sent in by a reader of Performancing:

Could you write a blog post about how to get more people to comment on blog posts?

No problem! Numerous people have asked this question as my personal blog as well as Performancing and everywhere else I write seems to generate comments. I’ll share my technique and explain why I use it and then point you to some articles previous authors of Performancing have written in the past that cover this topic exclusively.

The Beginning

Getting people to comment on your blog post starts at the beginning. This means your post title. Generally, forming your post title into a question is enough for some people to go straight to your comment form, completely bypassing the content simply to answer the question.

The Content

While being an authoritative figure is good in some respects, providing the answers to everyones questions within your content is a great way to deter comments. Unless of course, your readership loves to disagree with you. What I like to do is write my content in an open ended way. I leave room for readers to chime in and to share their thoughts.

The Ending

At the end of every post I write, I do my best to ask a few questions near the end. You may be wondering whats up with asking all of these questions? Each question you ask is a reason to comment. This particular tactic has worked very well for me, especially when the question asks for opinions or thoughts on a particular item within the content.

These three tactics have all worked very well for me. It is very hard for anyone to interact with someone else when there are no questions involved. Questions are usually starting points for conversations.

Other Resources

Over the course of three years, Performancing has covered this topic a few times. Here are some classics from the Archive.

Chris Garret – 10 Tips for Attracting More Comments

Chris McLeod – Getting People to Comment on Your New Blog

Do you have any advice you could give this reader to help him get more comments on his blog?

14 thoughts on “Reader Question: My Technique For Generating Comments

  1. I think another way to encourage comments is to dofollow your links and just take the time to check them before approving the comment.

    Also you can install plugins like top commentator and keyword luv.

    Other then that, great tips!


    Joel Drapper

  2. I find the “How to” type headlines also draw several comments because people always have opinions on “how to” do something better. What do you think?

  3. Part of the reason for not getting many comments may be that not many people know your site exists! So, if you want people to comment on your blog, go out and comment on theirs. Also rewarding commenters with Dofollow links has made a big difference to the number of comments I get.

    And as you say, decent content is a pre-requisite 🙂

  4. Excellent point Melissa. A Warm and inviting atmosphere sure is better than one that discourages people from contributing to the conversation.

  5. I would add that it’s helpful to be inviting — write in a warm or friendly voice or use humor to help readers relax enough to jump in a join the conversation. It won’t work on all blogs, especially ones that deal with controversial subject matter, but I think evoking emotion (preferably positive emotion) is a great way to encourage commenting.

  6. I’ll definitely agree with that. Sometimes, people get sick of being asked “What Do I Think” which ends up with a response sounding like “Who Cares What I Think”.

  7. Nice Blog! I will use your Tips, and we would see if there be alot of new “readers” on my site;)
    Thank you very much for this blog

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