Put Your Theory to the Test

Many bloggers get worried about posting their thoughts and ideas.

  • What if I am wrong?
  • What if someone knows more than me?
  • What if I get laughed at?
  • What if what if what if

Then there are others who go right ahead and post whatever, regardless. We see a lot of people complaining especially about the “Make Money Online” field, where bloggers start blogs on the topic before making any money 🙂

The solution to both I think is to have theories and put them to the test. I believe readers are a lot more receptive to actual results, even if it is “I tried this and it didn’t work” (and yes, I am basing this premise on personal experience!).

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Put Your Theory to the Test

  1. Real life examples and case studies are underrated IMO. They take more work to produce but if you test your theories and then report your results, you will be more memorable, useful, and credible.

  2. I’d say that these points aren’t jut restricted to blogging.

    Most people have a natural fear of the unknown. The most confident people I know are also dogged by exactly the same fears, it’s just that they’re better able to conquer them, and that’s what eventually separates them, those who gravitate towards the top of their chosen profession/ activity/ lifestyle, and those who are forever held back by their fears, and so never manage to fulfill their dreams.

    So I’d say go for it. Put yourself out there. Be prepared to make statements and post on topics, where perhaps you feel others know more. For the most part this will always be the case. But don’t let it hold you back. Or in my case do it within the guise of an experiment on the black art of SEO, how to build traffic, a community and attention. At the moment I know very little. It’s not going to hold me back though.

  3. I suffer from this (blogger insecurity) that is why i dont post everyday on my blogs. I post like once or twice a week, i know this is NOT good for SEO or traffic, but until i find the rythym that works well for me, i wont post for posting sake.

    I dont think it helps that i run several blogs and also blog for pay, because of burnout. Many times i feel that a post wasnt really that good, or i didnt convey the message correctly, or that i rushed through it, it does happen. But generally speaking i feel pretty solid about my posts.

    Also experience (and natural skill) play into the equation, as some bloggers who have been at it for many years, have got it down. While newbie bloggers tend to struggle with constant content creation.

  4. Ouch sorry for that comment … the cat just jumped on the keyboard (seriously ! ) …

    I think bloggers should always do some research before publishing their posts … That way they can at least know what people are saying on the topic and they can asses how far they should take their writing …

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