Public Speaking Nightmares

It’s been one hell of a trip to SES NY. Apart from it just being a damn long way from rural Denmark, I had a “interesting” time speaking on Tagging during a session with Andy Hagans and Jeff Watts.

I’ve not spoken publically for some years, and the day just didnt start well when i woke up at 5:30am feeling pretty ill. I’d not had too much to drink the previous day, but man, it felt like I’d been on a week long binge!

The actual talk didn’t go too badly at all. I felt pretty rough which didn’t help, but Andy and Jeff both made excellent discussion points in their presentations, and after fumbling around with USB keys and pdf’s i did manage to present without too many problems.

What actually made it well worth while, was the Q&A with the audience at the end. We had some great questions and it was good fun and kind of educational to talk to a whole bunch of folks that for the most part, dont live and breathe blogging like many of us. Their level of familiarity seemed pretty low, and for many, sites like etc were brand new to them. Kind of refreshing in an odd way.

Chris’ Curve Ball

Chris Pirillo tried to throw a curve ball at us with “what is the future of tagging”. I said I had no idea whatsoever, because I don’t hah.. and that was kind of fun, he also caught up with me after the gig and did small interview which i guess will go out sometime soon (i got to meet ponzi too, and that was cool..)

Thanks to Andy and Jeff for carrying the show, it was a great session, and I enjoyed it despite feeling a bit queasy…

Shame to miss NewComm…

Clearly im not at the New Communications Forum today, I’d planned to be there thurs/fri but the trip got cut short due to some issues with our next blogging tool. Hopefully I’ll be able to get those resolved quickly from home, and we should have that out to you next week with a bit of luck.

There were some folks i would have really liked to meet there, but alas it was not to be, oh well, hopefully next year!

6 thoughts on “Public Speaking Nightmares

  1. Hey,

    I saw that presentation of yours and I think you all did very well considering you had to speak in the same room right after I did. At least it wasn’t the first session of the morning–which was quite early, I might add. 😉

    Todd, I think you were still star-struck after having a run-in with Ice T!

  2. You wern’t drinking stella in the hilton bar by any chance were you Todd?


    Yeh, i read that seth godin stuff on powerpoints, as it was the first one i’d ever had to do. Last time i spoke publically i didn’t even own a pc heh..

  3. You guys all did a nice job. I liked that ya used the “pictures powerpoint” approach…if only we could beat into EVERYONE’s head that powerpoint is just for visual punctuation and not just bullet points.

    I had the same illness though…didn’t surpass my normal limits, but was in a bad way all day on wed. Wonder if there was somethin’ in the water, as I talked to a handful of others that had the same.

  4. Was reading your blog today and say that you had some public speaking fears. Well you should visit my website called and which both deal with becoming a better public speaker. I do a daily audio and video podcast/vodcast all about speaking and presentations. So don’t worry having fear of public speaking is normal but you can remove your fear.

  5. I hear ya, man =) I’ve been preaching for many years and I’m always nervous before talking! A piece of advice that and old man told me long ago was: “go up front with a humble attitude and you’ll finish uplifted”

    Godd luck!

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