Proof That You Don’t Have to Write on a Daily Basis to Be a Success

Think Simple Now—Tina Sue really has perfected the art of infrequent and successful blogging. Previously, she used to write around two articles per week, but now she writes around a single article per week. However, all of her content is absolutely phenomenal. It is very well written and presented. She also has a great blog design that I can see is effective at giving her traffic things to do on her site other than simply leaving after they are done reading an article. The fascinating thing is that I am interested in very little of what she writes about, but it so written beautifully that I just have to read more. If that isn’t a sign of amazing writing, I don’t know what is.

DoshDosh—Maki published around six blog posts per month. The DoshDosh blog features a truly unique style by associating anime characters with posts, and, ironically enough, it turns out to be a truly unique experience. As I’ve said before, it is up to you to find your unique style, and DoshDosh is a pure example of this. The content is also very well written. Again, I must emphasize that the posting frequency is low, but the content is great.

Self Made Chick—Christine OKelly has a wonderful assortment of in-depth blog posts about making money, working from home, and improving your life. The one thing that is consistent on her blog is the fact that all of the content is in-depth and detailed. Her posting frequency is very low for today’s standard, but it also proves that you don’t need to post on a daily basis to be a successful blogger. Christine also makes great use of pull-quotes, images, and lists throughout her content.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things and experiencing success are those who take the time to create great content. There are many similarities with these blogs, but the one that stands out most is that the content is superb. This echos what I have been stating on Performancing that the quality, not quantity, has taken the leading role in promoting a blogger’s success.

What I am saying is to consider forgetting about posting frequency if it is going to prevent you from creating the highest quality content you can publish. After all, New York Times best sellers take months, even years to develop into what they become; why should this be any different with individual blog content?

Take as long as you need to write truly unique and quality content. Take that extra time to properly present content like Christine OKelly and Tina Sue now does. People come to your site for the words, and you have to be on your ‘A’ game to get there. However, adding those extra touches to emphasize your content is also an amazing skill all great bloggers should have.

From personal blogging experience, I have taken on these very same concepts with my personal blog. It is working just as I expected. Even more amazing is the fact that I don’t feel pressured to get something done and cut corners; I just write great quality content.

The previously mentioned blogs have reassured me that this is the future of success. Chances are just as high that it will work for you. If you blog on a daily basis, why not consider slowing down to every other day if you believe you could create content that is much better?

Think about it! Let me know what your feelings are on this subject in the comments below. Point out any other blogs that post relatively infrequent but create superb content. I’m interested in finding these types of authors.

9 thoughts on “Proof That You Don’t Have to Write on a Daily Basis to Be a Success

  1. Hi James,
    thanks for the post. I have visited each site and noticed the fact that all three have another thing in common, simple pages (that let the content speak for itself) Could a page’s layout also play a factor. I ask because I am thinking about simplifing my blog,

  2. I love quality content..don’t get me wrong, but I’m an impatient person and don’t like waiting >_< lol ironically all the blogs that I'm subscribed to are on the post every like 5 days schedule and thats fine because they are amazing

  3. I’ve read articles on that site off and on and have enjoyed the quality those guys represent!

  4. That’s a cool looking site. You are right, some great content on there.

    I also should have pointed out a blog like DaringFireball. John Gruber does an amazing job. He does post links on a daily basis, but he writes a few articles per month. Always great quality content though.

  5. is one my favorites which publishes on average 1 article per day. But the article is usually very helpful keeping me coming back for more.

  6. Again, feel free to list some of your favorite blogs that do the same—post infrequently but produce great content.

    It could serve as inspiration. I look forward to your responses.

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