Project Launchpad: PSD To WordPress

Remember back in early July when I described how change was on the horizon for Performancing? Well, not much has changed since then but I am trying to take steps to bring most of your ideas as well as mine to the forefront. One of the ideas I proposed was something called Project Launchpad. Here is what Project Launchpad is all about. The Hive is filled with an abundant amount of talent, so much so that most of the members are launching their own projects. As a way of saying thanks to them for being a part of this wonderful community, I will be featuring projects from time to time from these individuals. These projects may consist of services, new websites, software, ebooks, etc. If you are interested in having your project seen by almost 10,000 RSS subscribers and thousands more unique visitors, join the Hive and become part of the collective.

With that said, I want to congratulate Lachy (pronounced Locky) better known as eversuns on the hive for being the first one to be featured on project launchpad.

Lachy has recently launched a PSD to WordPress design service which takes a user given PSD design mock up and then slices it up into a WordPress theme. Although the domain name threw me for a loop (, thought he was making themes) Lachy was quick to note that the themes are for the stand alone version of WordPress. I recently interviewed Lachy to get a sense of what this service is all about. Truthfully, there are many services just like his but I wanted to find out what makes his different than the rest.

JeffC – First off, who designed PSD To WordPress because the design is beautiful?

Lachy – A wonderful designer by the name of Chris Rowe. You can see his portfolio over at

JeffC – Considering there are a number of PSD to Website services available, what are some points of difference that you offer?

Lachy – That’s true, there are a whole load of PSD to Website services available, but how many are dedicated to WordPress? Not many. The PSD to Website services might have some guy that learned how to code for wordpress that afternoon because they have a client that needs it, but we are dedicated to WordPress!

JeffC – How much demand have you seen for a service such as yours. Considering that if someone has the skills to create a PSD sketch of a particular design, don’t they already have the skills to create it into a usable design?

Lachy – The demand is huge! I’ve worked with a few other PSD to Website services and the percentage of WordPress clients is very high. Some of the PSD to Website services are companies that make their living off these sites. Hopefully, that will be me in a few years. A designer can design a wonderful PSD, but a high percentage of them don’t even know what xHTML stands for!

There is a big difference between knowing how to code xHTML / CSS and slicing it in Photoshop and telling it to save you an HTML file.

JeffC – I noticed that the checkout system for your service has a variable rate depending on the circumstances selected by the customer. What is the cheapest price available for customers and if I wanted the bells and whistles, how much are we talking?

Lachy – If you are just after a basic WordPress package, with 4 pages or less (Homepage, Blog, Single, Page template) and a 10 day turnaround you can get that price down to $230. If you need it done in 1 day it’s $400. But we keep the default on 3 with $300. This quote is quite basic, if you need a lot more pages, an options page, plugin integration the price starts to go up a bit, but we discuss that in email and try to give the client the best deal for their budget.

Two examples of Lachy’s work. and

JeffC – So lets say I pay you the amount listed on your website for the project. What happens if I am not satisfied with the work? Do you offer any type of guarantees or money back offers?

Lachy – I think an excerpt from the About Us page summarizes that. “We rest assured on our ability to turn your design into your dream WordPress theme so much, that we are willing to give your money back if you aren’t satisfied with it for any reason. If for some reason we can’t do the order, or you need to cancel the order before we’ve started, you’ll get every last penny back with no questions asked.

We will do our very best to satisfy you, and if you’re not, we will try fix the problem. But if worst comes to worst, we will refund you, but you will not get the completed project files.

JeffC – Seems fair enough. Out of curiosity, I know Automattic is not too keen with people using WordPress as part of their domain name. Have they approached you about possible trademark issues?

Lachy – I came across that just after launch. Extremely disappointed! They have not approached me, but with the amount of WordPress related websites out there, with WordPress in the domain, I don’t think they will have too much of a problem. If they email me, we will sort it out there.

JeffC – You obviously know a bit about design, coding etc. What sort of tips can you provide to the readers of Performancing that relate to WordPress or the use of Photoshop?

Lachy – Read read read! I recommend heading down, going through the WordPress codex, downloading themes from quality makers like “Smashing Magazine” and looking at their code. Then just practice, practice and practice a little more.


As mentioned previously, there are plenty of individuals as well as design firms that specialize in turning PSD files into usable websites. Some of these firms claim they can do PSD to XHTML in 24 hours or less. Lachy has a beautiful website and a very simple order form on his side of the coin. From all of us here at Performancing, we wish him the best of luck on his endeavor.

Before you go, Lachy has provided a special discount code for readers. This coupon code is available to whom ever wants to use it. When checking out, use the code PERF01. This code will net you 10% off your total.

If you end up being one of Lachy’s customers, don’t forget to come back to this post and tell us about your experience.