11 thoughts on “Poll: How many posts (200+ words), on average, can/do you consistently write and publish per day?

  1. I find one post a day comfortable. Even subscribers may not read the posts fully if a blog is flooded with posts.

  2. I can “ghost write” and make a living, but I haven’t figured out how to monetize my OWN blogs. If I could do that, I would easily be able to do 20 blogs a day – no problem. I love to write (and to talk) and if I put it on paper then it makes life easier for my hubby ;).

  3. I am terrible for setting priorities and so I will get a few posts written during the week but really have to focus one day on the weekend to get a bunch of posts written so that I can submit and post suring the week, otherwise I am screwed for output

  4. Most of my problogging time is spent reading headlines and news to find things to cover. I can do 10 if I have stories lined up but feel good maintaining 5ish a day.

  5. Okay, let’s be more specific: posts are for pay, and quality doesn’t matter as far as actually getting paid. Though quality might matter to you personally, what I’m trying to determine is whether or not it’s easy for the average blogger with at least 6 months experience to make a “full-time” living blogging, let alone get wealthy.

    I have had times when I wrote 25 posts in one day, where posts were 150-600 words, but I was never able to maintain more than 9-11 posts per day, and quality sucked at that point.

  6. When I create a post it has a specific purpose in mind. I would rarely write more than one personal post a day, though I have others who will create “ghost written” posts on simple topics that will increase that amount.

    My goal for most posts is to generate an email or RSS subscriber. My goal for private posts (subscriber only) is to generate some specific response from my subscribers.

    Generate Visitors => Establish Expertise => Get Subscribers => Create Customers

    My 2 cents.

  7. Depends if you mean “every day” or “consistently good quality” 😉

    I am in my stride at 4 but I have been known to do bouts of much much more and, frankly, when it gets to that level, it’s not my idea of fun

  8. Do: .5 roughly.

    Can: easily 10. I’m an English major so bouncing off 2000 words in a couple hours is nothing for me. However, I don’t blog for money, so I’ll write those 2000 words and just divide them between a week or two.

    Eventually, I want to start actually trying to make money from blogging, but for now, I just do it because I like writing.

  9. NOTE: The emphasis is “consistently”. I’m trying to get an idea of how much writing most bloggers really, truly can accomplish in a given day, on a regular basis.

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