pMetrics Widget Brainstorming

I’m in the process of developing a sidebar widget for pMetrics that displays a blog’s “rank” in relation to other pMetrics sites. It should be released at the end of this coming week if all goes as planned.

In the process of building this widget, I’d like to build in other features that might be of interest to the pMetrics user community.

So let me open this thread up for suggestions. Of the data that you see from your pMetrics dashboard, what would you like the option of easily displaying to your blog readers from your blog’s sidebar?

5 thoughts on “pMetrics Widget Brainstorming

  1. I do like Pmetrics, but for some of my sites, I’d prefer to keep the stats and potential ranking private.

    Is that possible already? I don’t think it was in the old version, but I may have missed something . . .

  2. Good Morning Ryan, you’re up bright and early this morning.. either that or you stayed up really late ;).

    I concur with the idea of offering a dynamic top 3 referrer’s list. That’s an excellent way of encouraging link backs and almost for that alone I’d be willing to give the widget a run on my site.

    Based on your code example, this sounds like it’d be something similiar to the feedburner subscriber counter? My guess is that an image wouldn’t quite be able to offer some of the more dynamic elements, but if it’s done well I’d display it nonetheless.

    As for link backs, you already have and will continue to have my hearty recommendation and referrals. Keep up the excellent work . To encourage your users to leave the link, how about simply generating the widget with their affiliate ID?


  3. Hey y’all. Here’s what the code will look like for the widget if you want to place it on your sites. It will change over the next few weeks…but here’s a start:

    xxxxx=site number
    (replace square brackets with angle brackets)

    [a href=””][img src=””][/a]

    I’d be especially grateful if, when using this widget, you retain the link back to Performancing. Our ability to provide services like pMetrics depends, to a large degree, on the Performancing community.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Isn’t it a better idea to make an extension to the current BlogJuice widget?

    As to what i’d like to see in the widget (in order of most wanted):

    • most popular posts in X period (configurable, option to exclude frontpage and/or other pages)
    • dynamic top 3 referrers (if they refer to you, they deserve the link love back. And because of the Top 3 list, there’s a competition element and encourage them to refer even more)
    • most popular downloads (I won’t use this, but might be a good option for other bloggers)
    • tag cloud of most popular search keywords?

    Looking forward to the widget!

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