pMetrics free upgrades have been distributed

Good news for everyone who posted a link to their pMetrics review in the “Get a free premium account” thread from a few weeks back. Your accounts have been credited, and are now good until May 11, 2008! Sorry for the delay, but some updates had to be made to the backend code first to properly support it. If I missed anyone, let me know.

Ryan mentioned that anyone who had also written a review PRIOR to that thread being posted would be eligible for this. If you are one of those people, please leave a comment here so I can credit your account – otherwise, I have no idea who you are!

13 thoughts on “pMetrics free upgrades have been distributed

  1. My status says blogger, does that mean I was credited? I posted a comment on the other thread with my review.

  2. James – you’ll have to ask Ryan about that one… I would think that it does not count, because part of the reason behind this promotion is to create buzz in the “blogosphere”. Updating an old article isn’t nearly as good as writing a new one, because old articles won’t be seen by nearly as many people.

    Michael and Liewcf – your accounts have been credited!

  3. Does this one count? A review of the original Performancing Metrics (though I changed the links quite a while ago thanks to the affiliate link).

    Statistically Addicted – Performancing Metrics

  4. elad – you have been upgraded!

    cjumbo and rikken – one of the requirements was that the post has to be at least 250 words long. Perhaps you could revise your posts or post a new article?

  5. Cheers me dears, the “delay” worked in my favour as I am a new user, which meant I was already enjoying the benefits via the free trial period. 🙂

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