Photopress for Photoblogs: The June 2007 Performancing WordPress Theme

Performancing is glad to announce its latest WordPress theme, Photopress.

Photopress was specifically designed for photobloggers. It is a one-column theme crafted to fit the standard 640×480 landscape image size that digital photographers love to display their shots in.

Photopress is an intentionally minimalist theme. Photoblog themes are nothing more than picture frames to highlight the photos. You don’t want your theme to distract from the pictures you took. Photopress is the perfect minimalist compliment for your latest shots.

The next time you’re looking to setup a photo blog, give Photopress a try. You can download the zip file here.

Each month, Performancing releases a free WordPress theme to the public. This is our June 2007 release.

15 thoughts on “Photopress for Photoblogs: The June 2007 Performancing WordPress Theme

  1. Cool.. i love this theme as it suitable for my blog too. Soon maybe i will use it for my blog.

  2. I’m disappointed to say that my fave screencasting/ video playback/ slideshow tool, SplashCast, simply cannot pickup the images from the feed of my test PhotoPress site. I even tried manipulating in Yahoo Pipes, but the image is inside of an type of tag, and that means needing a special script.

    I don’t know if it’s something specific to the Photopress theme or WordPress in general, but it means that without major surgery on the feed’s format, I can’t create the hack. It would have been nice to display a single slideshow player on the home page of a Photopress-enabled photo blog, and have it feed off the site’s own RSS feed.

    If I can think of another easy way to implement it, I will.

    The second hack, a thumbnails column, is doable, and I’ll work on that over the next 2 weeks.

  3. thebutler,
    it’s actually not super easy with this theme but it is doable. you’d need to “Write” a “Page” in WordPress called “Archives” – it will show up automatically. Then, my recommendation is to download the following plugin:

    Next, place the following code in the “Archives” page that you created:

    <h2>Browse the Archives…</h2>
    <div class="entry">
    <h3 class="top">by month:</h3>
    <?php wp_get_archives(‘type=monthly’); ?>
    <h3>by Category:</h3>
    <?php list_cats(); ?>

  4. thebutler: “Most viewed photo” would be cool, but that needs a plugin, not just a theme tweak. You can pretty much use any “most viewed post” type of WP plugin. However, since there’s no sidebar, where do you display it? I’m working on two hacks, one of which would show a thumbnail column at right. Once I’ve done that and released it here, you can take the hack and hack it further with a “most viewed photo/post” plugin.

  5. Ryan, Can I easily add an archive link in the top navigation bar? Also a most viewed photo option would be cool.

  6. I am working on a hack for Photopress: either a row across the top or a column at right of thumbnails for each post. It’s not hard for me to set up, but proper use of it requires that a blogger do an extra step when posting. So not everyone will be into it. I cannot be done as a plugin, as far as I’ve been able to determine.

  7. Astounding theme. Many photoblog themes show an utter disregard for the accompanying text, focusing only on the picture. This theme strikes a great balance.

  8. Ryan, thanks for sharing. What a great idea. Let’s see how many downloads of Photopress you get now

  9. Just thought of a great use for this theme.

    I’ve made quite a bit of money by buying the domain names for popular books, creating a landing page, and using my Amazon affiliate link.

    This theme is perfect for this. When the visitor first comes to the site, have a post with a 640px wide cover art and a link to the Amazon page for the book. A big, juicy picture like this exudes quality.

    Above the fold, all the person will see is the high-resolution image and they will be very tempted to click on that image.

    Below the image, you can have SEOed copy that brings your site right up to the top of the SERPS. If the book is popular enough, and you got a good domain, you could sell a few thousand copies. If you’re getting $1/sale, that’s not bad.

  10. Does anyone have an account here:

    I’m trying to get the Perf themes uploaded there, but they aren’t accepting new accounts. Would be willing to pay someone $10/theme for the time and effort it took to upload the themes for me.

  11. Yeah, i had ideas immediately upon looking at it. Though I think it helps that there’s that striking whale picture.

  12. Yeah, the more I look at this theme, the more I love it. Just looking at it has given me lots of blog ideas;-)

  13. I like that theme quite a bit. I think it might also work well as a video theme.

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