Performancing Services Launches: High-End Social Media Marketing and Blog Management Services

Performancing is pleased to announce three unique services designed to maximize the quality and impact of your online presence. The Performancing Services team specializes in everything from blog design to linkbait and social media campaigns.

Not only can Performancing drastically improve your current web presence, but we will help you to increase traffic, prestige and the one thing that really matters: the bottom line.

Performancing’s Authority Builder Service is a 12 month full-service plan designed to establish your site as an authority in your niche. Because authority sites get all the attention, both from other websites and from the search engines, it’s essential that you set “becoming an authority” as your goal. With Performancing’s diverse-skill set ranging from graphic design to online marketing, and our custom in-house resources, we will skyrocket the reach and influence of your site.

Don’t settle for an ordinary website, let Performancing turn yours into a profitable juggernaut!

With our Social Media Marketing Service, the Performancing team will carefully construct a high-quality article resource for your website and use social media to get this new resource as much exposure as possible. The benefits of this service are not just the massive influx of new visitors that you will receive, or all the new links that other sites will send your way, but just as importantly, it’s the first step towards becoming an authority in your niche.

Get a traffic boost from Performancing today!

Our blog management services come in three great flavors that will meet every need. If you don’t have a blog yet, our Blog Launch Service will be perfect for you. Not only do we design your blog’s look from the ground up, but we optimize it for search engines, install essential plugins and offer a one month social media launch program.

If you already have a blog, but know it could do much, much better, then why not let Performancing give your blog a reboot. Our Blog Reboot service includes one week of professional, hands-on tweaking that will position your blog for great success.

Finally, whether you have a blog, or are looking to start a blog, our Blog Maintenance program is a full-service program that includes multiple weekly blog posts, software updates and ongoing social promotion.

Let Performancing kick your blog into overdrive!