Performancing’s Friday Blog Link Roundup

This is a quick rundown of blog posts published in the past week that caught my attention and might be of interest to Performancing readers (in case you’ve got nothing to do this weekend 🙂

  1. Need to move large files around online? Charlene at Essential Keystrokes has a summary of thirteen file sharing/transfer services that might interest you.
  2. If you’re putting together a professional blog that promotes your own personal brand, you should consider Darren at Problogger’s advice andadd some or all of the 20 types of pages that every blogger should consider.
  3. Darren also wrote about how he uses Twitter to promote his blog – an activity that seems to be becoming more common. Also check out Nathania’s post at Copyblogger on using Twitter for networking, marketing and fun.
  4. Smashing Magazine presented summaries and snapshots of 20 free first-class WordPress themes, with bonus info about a couple of WP admin themes.
  5. Skellie at offered 25 paths to an insanely popular blog and why you’ve got to dig digg to get dugg.
  6. David at Xfep compares the top 50 make money online blogs, showing the ranking change over five months. He also lists nine blogs that should be in his list but aren’t.
  7. If you’re having trouble focusing on your writing, check out the text editor Dark Room, which Maki at DoshDosh discusses. It’s a full-screen editor that obscures all your other windows, thus reducing distractions.
  8. Kris at Blogging Tips discusses revisionist blogging. We’ve had this discussion at Performancing before: whether or not to revise your archived posts. I operate on the “relevancy” principle, so I believe it’s okay, though some SEOs say Google penalizes you. (If that’s really true, I’m hoping it’s temporary, because relevant editing should not be penalized.)
  9. Yuwanda at Blogging Tips offers advice on building freelance writing credentials.
  10. This is from last Friday, but in case you missed it, Chris announced an Authority Blogger contest that includes $2,000 in SOBCon and ChrisG consulting prizes. Check it out, and if you’re near Chicago, considered going to SOBCon.