8 thoughts on “What’s In Your Blogging Toolbox: Blog Editors?

  1. Raj: I remember because I hadn’t ever bothered to check the HTML it produced (the results looked fine) and was surprised at what it did add. Mainly it’s extra paragraph breaks and strangely it likes to throw in the ASCII code for space, but overall I think WLW is a good product.

    I’m certainly no Microsoft apologist but they’ve kicked some goals lately. The Windows Live team is doing some solid work (Live Gallery and Live Writer are my favourites) and I have grown quite fond of Office 2007 (I got it dirt cheap on a student deal). By and large though, it’s a sensible practice to avoid most MS programs.

  2. Shane: heh heh. What a great memory you have. As a practice, I try not to use MSFT software (aside from Windows).

  3. I generally use Windows Live Writer to push a draft to the server and then make changes from the Admin screen for my WordPress blog. I always need to tweak and do things like add meta-data for All-in-one SEO, change page slugs occaisionally etc etc. Once WP 2.5 shakes out any residual bugs I’m interested to see what the new admin area is like to work with.

    WLW works just fine with Blogger – in fact, it works a dream.

    I know Raj doesn’t like WLW because of the extra HTML characters it likes to add but I find the that the easy of use far outweighs that inconvenience.

  4. I’m using the free Windows Desktop Editor BlogDesk. It has its flaws, but its very basic layout options and the ability to handle graphics right from the clipboard are great for me.

  5. I am a Mac user and, IMHO, MS-Live writer is the best editor.
    Can you tell me what is the best Mac editor for Google/Blogger plattform. Obiouvsly free! 🙂
    Thanks in advance

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