Performancing Partners to close

I’m sad to tell you that Partners has to close. While I have every faith it could have worked, it wasn’t going to happen fast enough. Without more money invested it wasn’t going to happen at all.

Any ads currently in the system will continue to run until the end of the month at which time the ad code will stop working. Please take your ad code down from your templates then. Remaining ad time will of course be refunded.

This news is surely not going to be popular. All I can say is thank you to all the publishers and advertisers who tried the service and to all the people in the forums who provided feedback and ideas. I am gutted I couldn’t have some time to act on your suggestions.

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  1. Sorry about that too Chris. I’m sure you are a bunch of clever guys and will find new adventures online and many of your friends here, including myself, will be there to help.

    My best wishes to all the Performancing crew!

  2. It takes a lot of guts to state something like this. I’ve seen an awful lot of life in my time and I can see it when things go wrong. I’ve heard a thousand excuses and bulls…. from those who sold out or made bad mistakes all trying to justify their rotten decision making process. Not here though.

    I’m sorry to hear about all the troubles and the closing of Partners so soon on the heels of the elimination of Metrics. But honor remains intact as it were and I completely empathize.

    The point here as I see it is that the deal with PayPerPost was called off even though it would have brought in the capital needed to fund the very service that’s now closing. I’m not saying that was a wrong decision on anyone’s part or that those not wishing to have anything to do with PayPerPost were wrong in their feelings. Not in the least. In the end I felt that it was a very wise if not ultimately devastating decision to pull out of said deal. It takes a lot courage to turn away from needed finances when you know that without those finances, all may be lost.

    I realize what kind of turmoil you must be going through Chris. I once had a small but successful sound production business with a partner who had a bad habit of promising things that he knew we could not deliver. It’s not as if he was trying to pull a fast one on anyone, it was just that he was simply too “gung-ho” and acted without thinking first. As if we could perform some sort of miracle in the end that would fulfill those promises. I understand that my past situation and Performancing’s situation are different but the idea is the same.

    Hope that announcement on Digg isn’t true. There’s nothing wrong with going back to simply giving other bloggers damn good advice on how to manage themselves and their blogs the best way possible as you always did and working on improving the PFF or Scribefire extension (whatever it may be called). I’m sure you will find that most of us will stick around to harass you properly.

  3. Chris, although in Spain I suposed it was difficult to get advertisers, I trusted your project just considering the quality of your work with PFF.

    It´s a pity.

    Nice to have contacted with you. See you in any other project. (I hope very soon)
    As you internally have access (I suppose to my e-mail) you are autorized to contact directly with if you think it may be interesting for you or your projects.

    See you soon!.

  4. Is Performancing, and more specifically, the PFF blog extension, going away, or is it just the Partners portion of the business? I personally would assume that the entire thing is going away, based on money issues. Generally, when you get to that point, you sell off your assets and start over, but the post isn’t clear. I hope the FireFox extension will still be available and kept up to date (or at least see someone take it over). I just discovered it recently and think it’s just the thing that’s been sorely lacking in the blogverse. I mean, how many of us have multiple blogs and want to post the same message to all of them? This is the only tool I’ve found so far that can do that easily. You’ve done great work here and I’d be sorry to see that foundation go.

  5. There are at least 2 stories on Digg and several from other news outlets reporting that Performancing as a whole is shutting down. Now, reading this announcement, I read that just the Partners program is going away.

    I think that another announcement to point out that Performancing is not going away, but rather changing might be in order.

    That is of course assuming that Performancing is not going anywhere.

  6. Anyways, sorry to hear this. I just signed a week ago, am a big fan of pff! Anything we can do (from india) to keep this going?

    Kudos to you for coming out straight and letting us all know.

  7. Please don’t listen to anything 1-800-HART just said….

    The Partner program has massive potential,
    – especially if direct links were given to the various categories, that would encourage activity ( for link lovers )
    – especially if members could transfer virtual cash between members in exchange for advertising ( for non paypal users )

    Now is not the time to quit. The industry is growing not dieing. 75 year olds are blogging to stay mentally fit.

    Why not put it on hold for a few months and come back later. We would be waiting…

  8. A few grand? Wow. I’m sure there are a few members of the community who could have mustered up some ‘sticking around’ angel funding to see Partners through the rough spots.

    I don’t know the circumstances here and this the cash end is none of my business, but aren’t there any other options?

  9. I feel for you Chris – this must be a hard day.

    Remember that there are more failures than successes in business and we learn so much more from our failures. Just notch this one up as failure, learn from it and move on.

    I still think the plugin should be brought back into the Perf brand and SribeFire dumped – as the firefox editor is your best asset by far.

    Nick – I don’t understand your comments. You being so close to this, heck you were CEO just a short while back – maybe you should be talking privately to Chris and not so publicly.

    You’re adding fuel to the fire talking about a “few grand”.

  10. Bah, this is bad news. I’m very sorry to hear this Chris. We need more options like this for the greater good of helping bloggers earn. Seriously, I’m very surprised, kinda sucks.

    We should talk… In Vegas for the Affiliate summit until Friday. [email protected], anytime.

    In the end, it’s all about helping people. I’d hate to see it go away completely.

    Jim Kukral

  11. This post is timely. I just removed the code from my sidebar on the 21st and took myself off the market. I felt there was no marketplace for me to fit in, and I can’t believe I was the only one (despite the nice comments of higher profile bloggers above)

    Personally .. this sounds like it was probably a good business decision .. I can’t begin to tell you how many clients and businesses I’ve dealt with over the years who believed that “all it would take would be just a few grand” to fix everything.

  12. I don’t think anyone would have expected this, and it’s unfortunate you have to be the one breaking the news Chris.

  13. So sorry to hear about this, Chris – but it was the quality of writing / insights / news that attracted me to Performancing in the first place, and if PFF was a perk, then PP was just a nice bonus – it all comes back to the blogging, for me and I suspect for other fans.
    Okay, small comfort for you at this point, possibly.
    I would just hope that you are able to keep in mind that when one door closes, another one opens.
    And, as allen074 says, “if there is anything I can do…”

  14. That’s a dreadful waste. For want of a few grand…

    A few weeks back, there were some options lying around. Not easy ones, but ones that would have allowed partners to continue, can those not be re-explored rather than see this happen?

  15. Well that came out the blue to me! I had missed the regular Performancing posts, but I thought that the new Ads feature had helped cement the future of Performancing? And Chris had started to post with the intent of posting more…
    As a regular reader of Performancing, and an ads displayer, I’m a little disappointed, but maybe the team are planning something that I am unaware of of. I hope so.
    Upon initial reaction, I am disappointed…
    …Although I do agree with most previous posters that Chris must have had his heart on his sleeve when he typed that.
    Please tell me there is some future to Performancing…

  16. We have all had to discuss failures. I myself have written this blog post more than once.

  17. Thanks Darren. Probably the longest time it has taken me to write a post in a long while

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