Performancing Metrics

Some months back when the ideas for this site, it’s community and it’s tools were still being formed, we took a long hard look at blog statistics, and thought we could do something different, something better. Something with a little more bollocks.

Several months later, we’re nearing the public beta of a world beating blog statistics service designed by professional bloggers, for professional bloggers.

Performancing Metrics

We’ve been in closed alpha, with a trusted group of friends for a few weeks now, and even as we speak, the system is still being tweaked based on their invaluable feedback, feedback we’re hugely grateful for. We want that to continue with our beta.

As with all our tools, our site, and our services, Performancing Metrics will be shaped by you. As it stands, it rocks, but with help from you guys, it’ll only get better.

I’ll be posting a few more details over the coming days, in the meantime, if you have questions feel free to ask them here in the secure knowledge that they may well go ignored untill nearer the date 🙂

Finally im happy to say we’re out of 007 mode on this, and cant wait to open the public beta next week!

10 thoughts on “Performancing Metrics

  1. Will it be free after Beta? At some point performancing will need to start earning some money?? 😉

  2. >>where do i sign up?

    You’re already in, we just have to move it from alpha to beta at that point, its just a matter of hitting the “activate metrics” button.


    It works as a piece of code you put on your blogs template. In some cases, such as MT, a couple of bits of code.

    Beta is only a few days away, then its open access to all, none of this silly arsing around with signups and waiting lists, it will simply be available to everyone who wants it.

    More details later….

  3. Nick,

    Will there be a beta signup? Will I be able to use it if my host doesn’t give me free reign over my logs? ie will it be something like has or is it resident on the server? Where do I sign up?

    So excited!

  4. I’ve been using StatCounter for the last few years but obviously this isn’t really geared up towards blogs. Also it’s really expensive if you want to track more than 100 logs. I’ve been using BlogBeat for the last few weeks and really like the service but it doesn’t have one key feature I need – the ability to track multiple blogs from one account. Also, it still feels very beta so I don’t want to sign up for a paid account just yet. I was looking forward to using MeasureMap when it (eventually) comes out of alpha, but now that Google purchased it I have no idea when (or if) it will be released to the public.

    I really look forward to testing out your stats offering!

  5. so nobody has asked yet? I want in beta! please, I will beg if you want! jj, but I would like to be in beta, what do I have to do? (bribes work?)

  6. I see, so that’s what this url is from my blog’s referrer log:

    There’s a hell of a lot of room for improvement in the blog stats space. It will be interesting to see what you have in store.

  7. Can it even track the AdSense clicks and tell me what kind of users click most often?

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