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I’m a huge fan of Performancing Hive. It’s the only place online where I’ve found a deep, long lasting community of friends who not only share amazingly helpful tips, but who are also willing to listen and provide moral support.

Sure we all care about getting those secret tips that will make us better. But to highlight the depth and strength of community found at The Hive, let me tell you something you may not know about me. I struggle on a daily basis with depression. And the one online community where I’ve found people concerned enough and willing to listen and show support is the Hive. The community is that strong.

That’s how I feel about The Hive. Let’s see what others say:

Peformancing Hive allows me to network and brainstorm with my favorite bloggers without being spammed with links to smarmy affiliate programs and ebooks. We share traffic and monetization strategies, promote blogs and posts, and offer tips for better, more productive blogging. Plus, the Hivers are darn nice people.

– Deborah Ng, Freelance Writing Jobs

Early on in my blogging career I realized that being part of a good community and having a knowledgeable network of business buddies would be very influential to my success. I didn’t quite realize how much though

I invested some time in trying to meet and get to know other bloggers, webmasters and marketers online. I found popular webmaster forums to be a good start but they were filled with too many people who didn’t really understand the business and spread information. Learning and networking with these people can do more damage than good.

Then one day it all changed I was introduced to Ryan Caldwell of who told me about Hive. I immediately joined and found myself surrounded by serious bloggers and internet marketers.

While I was already making good headway with my own little blogging empire this little network has given me further leverage when you are surrounded by knowledgeable people that knowledge will rub off as long as you are ready to absorb it.

I have learned a lot from the many successful and talented bloggers and by getting to know them it has opened up a wealth of opportunities. I’ve got to know top diggers, top marketers and very successful bloggers that would have previously seemed out of reach.

You learn little nuggets here and there that all add up to something very valuable. More recently I jumped in and tried out PMetrics (a performancing creation) after it was recommended by a Hive member and it’s the best stats program I’ve ever seen.

Right now I’m looking at the live traffic spy feature to see visitors arriving from Reddit and hoping that any minute a flood of Digg traffic will come. Finger crossed.

Chris Tew, Web TV Hub

You could read the 10 best blogs on online business every morning and live in a state of awe at what some people can accomplish.

Or you could be a part of a down-to-earth, no-nonsense community that helps you get things done.

Are you day-dreaming, or are you building your business? See you at the Hive.

– Ahmed Bilal, Soccerlens

Besides being the place to meet and mingle with some of the best bloggers, Hive offers a place where your opinions feel valuable and you learn from every thread started.

Thanks to being a member of Hive, I have learned a ton of new tips and tricks to reach a different level of successful blogging and have also picked up some custom web design projects.

– Katy from

During a dry spell between jobs, my contacts on Performancing Hive are where I was able to find the work that I needed. They are always there to help me with my writing, finding new opportunities, and continue to be a great source of information. Members definitely live up to the name of the site, as they act in the collective interest of the members, which in my experience, is something of a rarity in forums these days.

– David Peralty (

Being able to mingle with some of the greatest brains in the industry is an amazing opportunity. Because of this, the Hive has became an incubator for many powerful and successful ideas.

– Andrew McCloud, Programmer

I have been learning valuable lessons about blogging since the first time I logged into the Hive. The networking and social media marketing opportunities are well worth joining for. I am always confident that I can ask questions, seek advice or begin a discussion in the knowledge that responses will be quick, well thought out, supportive and often humorous as well! It’s great to be part of such a professional online community.

Tracey Grady

Performancing Hive is an excellent place to network with and learn from devoted professionals, as well as a cosy place to just hang around. I’m happy to be a part of Hive, sharing my experience when I can. The fact that it is a pay service is actually making it stronger and more manageable, which is a good thing for the Hive community and its members.

Thord Daniel Hedengren

HIVE Performancing forum shows up in my group start list everytime I open a new browser window .. and I read the “what’s new” posts before I even check my adsense or gmail! I have a great respect for everybody in the forum who participates, and hope that I have earned a little respect back with my own contributions and random ramblings (well, I try ). There are not too many forums out there that you can honestly say “Today I learned something new” but, it’s true.

It’s like hanging out at the water cooler at work. If you hang out and talk to people who are successful (online) and doing the same thing you are doing (trying to become successful online) .. it’s only natural that you will pick up a few things that you will not find at, say your local cafe internet shop or Tim Hortons! At HIVE .. it is like we are all in this game together .. we are all trying to succeed online and with the help of friends it just seems a little easier.

– HART from

Thanks to the Hive, I now know another side of blogging that I didn’t know existed. The business side of blogging is an entirely different world when compared with blogging as a hobby. The hive has helped me realize what it takes to become a successful blogger in terms of monetization. The hive has also served as an awesome think tank for bloggers as a number of post ideas have come from the forum. All in all, a tight knit community of bloggers who core focus is centered on succeeding. The hive is just what the doctor ordered.

– Jeff from

Of all my current online activities, my membership in the Hive is one that I consider to be among the most valuable and the best use of my time. All the colleagues I have come to know through the Hive are genuinely helpful and interested in contributing to the success of fellow members. Not only have I made valuable contacts and gotten some great design gigs, I have also learned a great deal from hanging out in the Hive. I highly recommend joining to anyone who is serious about being a successful blogger.

Randa Clay

Besides having a cool name, Hive is a great place to network, ask questions, and learn from other bloggers in a wide variety of niches – including food, web design, and celebrity.

Also, freelance workers can benefit too. At first, I only knew a few people but one of them introduced me to another Hive member. That referral got me one of my highest paying contracts.

– NetMoneyJournal

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  1. Now that my kids are back in school, I can get back to checking out Performancing Hive daily. I’ve missed it! It was a busy summer and unfortunately, some of my daily reading had to give. Glad to be able to check in with the Hive folks again… a great group, for sure.

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