Performancing Hive: The Weekly Buzz

The Hive, a project started by Performancing to provide a community for those looking to increase the performance of their blog/site, is steadily growing in numbers. There are many great things going on in the Hive, and I will take this opportunity to let everyone know what they are missing out on.

First, I just wanted to send a warm welcome to our latest member, preschoolmama. Welcome to Performancing Hive! We are fast approaching 100 members!

The First In-Depth Special Report

Chris Garrett of Performancing has released the first Hive Special Report. “Planning for Success: How to Build a Professional Blog” has a plethora of great content that explains in-depth on how to build your very own professional blog.

Here is just a tiny portion of the entire 33 page report:

Creating a Niche-Leading Blog

Here are what I believe to be the key ingredients of a great blog:

1. Credibility Why should the reader believe you?

You can project credibility through your writing, through your design and through your professional conduct. It doesn’t hurt to have some claim to fame of course. It could be that you have just “been there, done that”. Employees of Microsoft or Google are going to be credible when discussing those companies and markets. Why are you qualified to talk about your topic?

2. Authority

There are over 33 pages and 8,000 words of detailed information and insight from this report alone, but you will have to be a Hive member to check out the rest of this amazing work by Performancing’s own Chris Garrett. The PDF file is available to download in the Hive, and there will be much more to come.

Revenue Resources

Ryan Caldwell of Performancing set out to find which sources of revenue worked best. People have disclosed the percentages and discussed which advertising networks and services they gain revenue from. It is nice knowing what works. If you were part of the Hive, you could see what works for others as well.

Special Jobs

The Hive’s marketplace is buzzing with great opportunities. From great advertising deals to amazing work opportunities, the potential to make money is here. After all, earning $1,000 for a single article is no joke — there is serious money to be made. Also, you have the opportunity to post opportunities that the professionals will see.

Professional Advice

You simply won’t find this amount of personal detailed advice anywhere else on the web. There has been question after question posted in the Hive, and people are finding the answers they want. This is what it is is all about! The professionals are helping those that are in need of help to grow their own business. People like Raj Dash, Chris Garrett, Ryan Caldwell, James Mowery (myself), and all the other great members of the Hive are here to help you with your blogging needs.

Join Performancing Hive today, and see what all the buzz is about!

12 thoughts on “Performancing Hive: The Weekly Buzz

  1. I brought up the pros vs pro’s too a while back. I still say it should be pros too. Perhaps it’s time for a poll? To me, “pro’s” is grammatically incorrect and reflects poorly on performancing and hive.

  2. hey there…..registered tonight and paid via paypal but can’t seem to log in. Is their a delay to the process? Thanks.

  3. Ha! I’m English, and would never have read it that way. Ladies of the night aside, ‘pros’ is a perfectly acceptable word. Anyway, I’ve signed up but can’t log in. Do accounts take some time to activate?

  4. Nick, in England “pros” is short for prostitute, so that’s why we added the apostrophe;-)

  5. This sounds great. I’m off to give it a shot!

    By the way — there shouldn’t be an apostrophe in “network with the pros” in your banner ad. Sorry if that comes across as pedantic but, when you’re asking for money, some folks might be put off by little things like that.

  6. Thanks for the welcome, James!
    Plus, at $10 a month, it’s such a bargain. For those sitting on the fence, you couldn’t pay enough for the kind of people you’ll get to know once you get in there.

    The PreSchool Mama

  7. The power of a helpful community of professionals… it is rare to find something like this. I’m proud to be a part of it!

  8. My favorite part about Hive is that we all root for each other, help each other, give each other advice. There’s nothing else like it.

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