Performancing for Firefox Update

Recently I talked about what’s in store for PFF 1.4, and we got a great response.

As you know, we are working hard to get this release out the door as a solid release.

To make sure things go as smooth as before, we’d like to have a series of Beta’s to get your feedback.
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Multiple Beta Releases
Specifically we want to make sure Image Uploading and Blogger support are solid, and we mean rock solid!

A new dev build with improved Blogger support will be going out over the next few days, so if you are Blogger user, or even on the latest Blogger beta, send me a PM with your email address, or express your interest in this thread, and I’ll make sure you get a build to test.

Following the Blogger dev build, we would like to have a beta release for a smaller audience to test out the new Image Uploading capabilities (which are going to Rock!).

Second on the list are Translations.
We have numerous teams working on Translations for PFF 1.3, Nick recently sent out a call for an update, so we can get locales out to the public.

To take this a step further, we are already starting to think about 1.4. If you would like to be a part of the PFF 1.4 translation release, or would like to help out with the current Translation, jump right into to the Translation Forum and lend a hand.

As always, any bug fixes, problems or requests you would like to see in the upcoming PFF 1.4, we are more than happy to discuss. Thanks to you, Performancing for Firefox will get even better.

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26 thoughts on “Performancing for Firefox Update

  1. I’m a chinese user of PFF1.35beta1,I found a problem is that when I use PFF to edit my blog,after i use “enter” key to newline,then it looks good in firefox,

    but in IE,there has two newline,just like that:

    There is two line between ‘hi’ and ‘test’.
    I don’t know it is a bug or it is the problem of IE?Can you tell me?
    ps:You can see that on my blog

  2. @Gwog (closing tags): The most easiest way is to tell Blogger to ignore future HTML errors on this specific post. When the error comes up you just have to mark a checkbox and proceed publishing.

  3. Firstly – I love it! i have never blogged so much. it’s way too easy now.
    seriously good stuff.

    I’m in for any beta test action you can throw my way.

    now for the glitches…

    there seems to be an issue with escaping of html. i put some html in a blog post
    as & lt ; (spaces added to stop any escaping on post) and it kept coming back into the editor as the less than character.

    the cursor seems to get lost sometimes when editing.

  4. Anyone else noticing that sometimes when you hit the spacebar the cursor doesn’t immediately move, even though the space character *is* there? I’ll dig into this a bit more.

  5. A simple cut and paste of the embedding text that YouTube provides started kicking up errors when I tried to post to Beta Blogger, requesting closing tags. I fixed them incrementally to see how it went, and it took one [/embed], one [/object], and two [/param]s and then up it went.

    On the yay side, I was very pleased to note that all my saved Notes carried across the betas.

  6. Jed,
    Did not realize that changing over to beta-blogger would halt my performancing daily routine with blog updates. Please send beta version to test.

    I am glad to find your site and that you are already working on taming beta-blogger.

    Many thanks,

  7. Way to go, Jed! I’ve been waiting for a Blogger Beta update for a long time!
    I don’t feel I’m the right preson to test your betas, so I just wanna congrats you for this nice work!

  8. not sure how google vids work but I know you need permission from youtube to embed a video. And thats easy to set up. A workaround would be to upload to youtube then embed after youve followed youtubes proceedures.

  9. Tried to embed a video from Google and got the following:

    There was a possible error contacting the ATOM Server #201

    If you are switching Blogger accounts, please restart Firefox or PFF first.

  10. To embed it should be the second tab on the top off the pff editor.

    Not to sure about your keystroke prob.

    Also note the tabs under that for links and images

  11. I have only ran into one snag while using the new beta build. I was using pff while getting information off of a webpage to blog. I copied some text and pasted it into pff from the webpage and then after that when I tried to type into pff all of my keystrokes were activating the keyboard shortcuts for fire fox. I made sure that my cursor was active in pff but everytime I tried to use the backspace button, it would change my webpage in the upper frame to my previously viewed webpage but wouldn’t delete anything in pff. I ended up having to restart fire fox. Hope that wasn’t confusing to understand. Other than that no problems yet, lookin good.

    Side Question…Is there going to be or is there a way to embed html while using pff? When I post on blogger they give you an option to “edit html” and from there I can embed a video from Google Video. Am I missing this or is it not available?

    Thanks for a great product.

  12. Apparently, WP does not limit how many blog posts you can download to a local browser. The reason I know this is that Zoundry’s BlogWriter that I keep around just for giggles nowadays( it was my first mainline blogging editor at one time which has now become a bit too outdated for my taste), downloads every last one of my posts from my blog from day one. The count to date is 101 posts which is since May of this year when I transferred my blog from Blogger to

    Just for info

  13. Michelmo,
    Do you know what API’s they support?
    If not, could you email their support and find out?

    Would be great to knonw what API’s and what the api url looks like.

  14. I blog on It would be great to be able to add this web blog platform easily.

    Thank you

  15. Dakar,

    So pff does limit to only getting your last 10 posts.
    I’m not sure what the WP limit is (I don’t think you can request all).
    I have plans to make that ’10’ be customizable, but first need to optimize some code because in my testing 50+ posts would sometimes crash firefox or cause a huge delay.
    Thanks for bringing it back up though!

  16. is there a way to tell performancing to aquire all the posts published at my blog(WP), fo editing and such ?
    Is the reason I’m getting only the last 10 is WP related or performancing related ?

  17. would love to try it out on my please send me a new pff 1.4 build to test.

  18. Looking forward to 1.4 for Firefox. Love the new look, if you need an additional tester….I’m just hangin around lookin fer somethin’ to do. I’m also new to posting here and looking forward to posting more in the future.


  19. I am testing your earlier build…waiting for the next…I tired with Blogger. I am always getting “ATOM server error”

  20. I just love betas…..arrrgh PM sent

    I think alot of the problem with or should I say beta.blogger is they are tweaking this and tweaking that. Im a beta blogger using beta performancing so send me the new beta so I can find some other disturbing things….I love it aheeem

  21. Count me in on testing the Blogger beta support. My testing background is in gaming but I’m sure I will be of some use.

  22. And of course I’ll be more than happy to break…er…test any build you wish to throw my way but then again you already no this.

    BTW, I like the new look. It appeals to my age…er…my eye-sthetic nature.

    Cheers and all that.

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