Performancing Firefox 1.3 Final! – Introducing the Addons and Themes APIs

The release of Performancing Firefox 1.3 brings a whole new dimension to the free open source blog editor. By making PFF extensible via the Themes and Addons API’s, and opening up the source code via subversion, we’re putting the blogosphere’s favorite editor where it belongs, in the hands of it’s users.

As always, once you’ve given it  a spin, head to the forums and let us know what you think

New features in 1.3

  • Addons API
  • Themes API
  • Localizations – We expect to be announcing PFF in other languages shortly!
  • Windows Live Spaces support
  • Firefox 2.0b1 support
  • Firefox 2.0b1 Spellcheck support via hidden pref
  • Sidebar collapser for added posting real-estate
  • Added Window icon for “Pff in window” mode.
  • Bug fixes and stability fixes
    1. CSS/HTML editing bug fix
    2. Clear content when in Preview mode
    3. Fixed Extra Publishing resize bug.
    4. Fixed a resize window limitation bug.
    5. Made a few stability fixes and speen optimizations.
    6. Fixed some strict JS warnings


Install Performancing Firefox 1.3

The PFF Addons API

The Performancing Firefox Addons API allows developers to integrate extensions and enhancements with the PFF blog editing platform. If you want to create new functionality for PFF, or get your service out to bloggers using PFF, then read the full HOWTO Addon Tutorial here

The PFF Themes API

The PFF Themes API allows designers, or anyone with minimal CSS knowlege to either completey transform the look and feel of PFF, or just tweak certain parts of the UI to suit their needs.

The Themes API would be a great advertisment for talented blog designers, and we hope you’ll take up the challenge (see coming posts on that)..

Read the full HOWTO Themes Tutorial here

Enabling Spellcheck in Firefox 2.0b1

For those running Firefox 2.0beta1, you can enable spellcheck support by doing the following, however please note that enabling this features might cause breakage in Firefox 2.0beta2 and later versions as the spellcheck code is changing alot right now. (In the event this does break in a future 2.0beta build, disable the feature in the same manner)

This is mainly for those like myself that really miss spellcheck in PFF on 2.0beta1 🙂

  1. Type “about:config” in the firefox location bar and hit enter (without the quotes)
  2. Under ‘filter’ pase in the following (without quotes): “performancing.extra.doSpellCheck”
  3. It should say ‘false’ now, if you double-click on it, it should turn to true.
  4. Restart firefox and pff should now have spellcheck enabled in the rich-editing.

If you do this, please let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

Collaper for left side navbar

You can now collapse both the left sidebar and right sidebar to gain more realestate while creating a post.

Windows Icon for PFF In Window

We’ve added the PFF icon to the system tray and window system for when you have PFF in a floating window. Making it much easier to locate.

Be Sure to Tell Us What You Think!

As always, your comments are most welcome and valued. Tell us what you think of the new features, and particulary if you manage to create cool themes or addons with the new apis!

9 thoughts on “Performancing Firefox 1.3 Final! – Introducing the Addons and Themes APIs

  1. Please let me know what changes has to be done so that it works with Blogger beta…

    Thanks in advance


  2. New features sound great, once I figure out how to use them, but so far I haven’t been able to post with ver 1.3 – “atom” errors, but I suspect this is Blogger, not PFF.

  3. i test it is a very nice work thanks …
    sorry for my bad english i hope u understand me

  4. @jackslounge, I saw that too, but it turned out to be an issue with the delicous/yahoo service, seems they were doing some live tweaking. Let us know if you still see that or it ever happens again. .

  5. Not sure if this is the right place, but I thought I’d let you know that the new version replaces all my spaces with &20, so this comes up in delicious titles and between tags. Sorry if this is the wrong place to tell you!

    On the whole though, this is by far the best extension I have ever used. It makes posting a breeze! Thanks a lot!

  6. No, it wont affect anything you have now. It’s always best to backup though if you really have important stuff you’d be lost without…

  7. The third-party addon possibilities are endless … cool!

    One important question before I upgrade:

    Will upgrading effect what’s stored there now – ie: I have over 20 notes for future post and I wouldn’t want to lose them.

  8. I feel like Tony the tiger, but I like the improvements. Especially the collapsible side. And addon support will be great for adding new features. I’m envisioning the ability to incorporate the features of blog software plugins, so that they are at your fingertips.

    keep up the great work. I think I’ll try my hand at writing a plugin. I used to be quite a coder once upon a time.

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