Performancing Firefox 1.1.1 Bug Fix Release

Jed has been working his fingers to the bone to put the finishing touches to Performancing for Firefox 1.1.1, here is what is new and changed in this release:

  1. Post as Draft bug fixed
  2. MSN Spaces Categories now work (you’ll need to re-add your msn spaces account)
  3. Delicious now grabs the correct post, not just the most recent.
  4. Editing content now retains changes when switching between Rich and Source editing.
  5. Preview window now shows URL as normal underlined urls
  6. Clicking on a link in Rich mode will no longer launch the url (only in preview).
  7. Flock and MacOSX UI bug fixes
  8. Categories now work with Drupal

As always you can download the new version from our Performancing for Firefox page