Performancing Ads Improves Affiliate System

Having handled publisher support for Performancing Ads for quite a while now, I could say that much of the inquiries revolve around affiliate payouts. Frankly, the way the affiliate system was originally setup, we were worreid about fraud, and we’ve had to implement measures to mitigate this. This came at the cost of having our users wonder what the heck was happening with their referrals, though. Raw referrals did not guarantee the $10 affiliate fee, but rather those who have installed their ad code for 30 of days were considered eligible referrals, and were credited to the referring account.

But this was still open to fraud, and legitimate users were still inconvenienced by not knowing how and when exactly they could get their money earned. So Performancing Ads is now implementing a new, easier-to-understand affiliate scheme. As Chris Garrett explains:

So the new system is much easier to understand and has fraud prevention built-in.

Rather than a flat $10 you will get 5% of whatever your referrals buy or sell, ongoing while they remain a member.

So if you refer someone who sells an ad worth $100 you get $5. If you refer someone who buys a $100 ad you get $5. And you keep getting those commissions for each ad they renew or continue to sell.

In short, there will no longer be that per-referral commission of $10, because this was inherently unsustainable both on our part and on the users’. If fraud were prevalent, then we’d be liable for paying out commissions for non-performing accounts. This would later on force us to go under and eventually shut down. That way, nobody wins. But our motto is Everybody Wins! So we would want everybody–that is, legitimate and productive members of the system–to benefit.

What’s great here is that if you get to refer a really active publisher or advertiser, then you would earn really well, in terms of commissions, instead of only earning a flat one-time fee for a single referral.

And so, we’re hoping our users and patrons would like this new scheme.

We would, of course, still pay out all eligible referrals left over from the old system (or have we already done so via our automatic end-of-month payments?). Starting this month, we’re hoping our users would then net more from new referrals.